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Last week, yours truly got to spin the famous “Wheel of Fortune” for a chance to solve puzzles and win prizes. While I can’t reveal my show’s outcome before its air date (Tuesday, Sept. 18), here’s what I can share: It was a blast! And, it’s also a reaffirmation that the Universe continues to place experiences and connections in my path that are aligned with my intentions.

Some of you may have read an earlier post (Where There’s A Wheel, There’s A Way – April Archives), where I discussed the audition process. It all started last September when I received an intuitive vision of the famous “Wheel.” A few weeks later, a Facebook friend told me of the show’s mass auditions (which attracted thousands) scheduled prior to Thanksgiving in the Palm Springs area. Months passed, and in April, I was invited to Round Two auditions (I later learned that of the 16,000 who make it to that juncture, only 600 are selected to be contestants!). In May, a letter in my mailbox confirmed that I made the cut and that taping would resume in July (my episode will be the second of “Wheel’s” 30th season!). Pretty amazing how that initial vision continued to gain momentum, as long as I took confident (but not cocky) action.

So, last Thursday morning when I entered Sony Studios, my day’s expectations extended beyond buying vowels and filling in the blanks. I intended to soak up every aspect to truly appreciate the opportunity. Backstage, a wide demographic of contestants (the show has enormous appeal) bonded and created an infectious energy. Staff members reviewed guidelines, offered encouragement and kept everything on a timely track, since six shows were being taped that day. Just before 1 p.m., I received final dabs of makeup (oh, yes, the whole star treatment!) prior to being ushered to the elaborate set where I’d spin away!

Seconds before the cameras started rolling, I stood over one of the most famous props in game show history and silently acknowledged the distance I’d traveled in my spiritual journey. If someone had told me five years ago that I’d be positioned across a soundstage from Vanna White and shaking hands with Pat Sajak, the notion would’ve been discounted. Now, I know that literally nothing’s impossible. Not matter how surreal.

I mean, sur-wheel!

Love and light,








18 thoughts on “Wheel-ality TV

  1. Mike

    The confident (but not cocky) actions of your friends who knew you’d make it didn’t hurt either!

    Very exciting. DVR … set!

  2. johnny

    Good for you cousin glad that you can fulfilled some of your hopes and dreams as do Pam and me hope soon that good things will come for journey .
    Aunt Glenna would be proud of you like I am and Pam and Mom

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks Johnny! And, you are so right, my grandmother’s presence was all around me in the studio! After all, it was her (and my grandfather’s) favorite show!

  3. Kaye Prejean

    Tony, that is SO incredibly cool and exciting!! I always knew you would be a star!! Can’t wait to see that episode!!

    1. Tony Post author

      There was so much going on in the studio during the taping that I have no idea how the final product is going to turn out! But, I never had so much makeup on in my life! LOL

  4. Angie Thompson

    I’m sure your vibrant personality and infectious energy will shine through in the telecast. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. MarioGS

    Congratulations on getting on the show! I just completed round two of auditions myself. Any new exciting stuff for Season 30 that’s different from last season of Wheel that you’ve noticed?

    1. Tony Post author

      Congrats on the auditions! There are some exciting new enhancements to the “wheel”, but can’t share until the new season airs. It’s all good, though!! Can you believe it’s been going for 30 years? Wow!

  6. Jeanae Graves

    Tony, that is fabulous! I know that they all absolutely loved you and I cannot wait to see the show! Although I am sure the experience alone was the ultimate prize, I do hope you had a BIG WIN!!!! 🙂

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Honey! I just knew that I wanted to approach the show with “I’m already a winner” type of attitude. I had a great time. Met some wonderful people. And, got the most out of the experience!

  7. Vicki Morris

    Tony!!!! Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to see you on The Wheel! I know your energy will set the stage for so much fun. My parents use to love watching Vanna and so do I. I still watch sometimes. Guess I need to get up to speed and watch more so I can be ready for your showing.
    love you bunches and love your blog – thanks for sharing all the excitement. It is contagious.

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