As with most of us, the violence at a midnight movie screening early Friday in Aurora, Colorado left me numb with shock and sorrow. However, the tragedy struck a deeper chord; I’d seen intuitive visions of the incident during my meditation session last Monday (July 16). While the victims’ families and friends – and others impacted – began their healing, I spent the weekend sorting through emotions related to my own situation. Here’s what I’d like to share.

Last week, two high-profile gun rampages rocked our nation. When I called my mother in Alabama last Tuesday (July 17), her voice sounded upset. She proceeded to tell of the early morning shooting spree where 17 people were injured in a Tuscaloosa bar by a lone gunman. Initially, my end of the line was silent for a few seconds, as I was processing her news. Then, I spoke, “Oh, my God; that’s terrible. But, I gotta to tell you something. Yesterday, while meditating, I saw distrurbed, saddened faces of children and teenagers in pain. And, when I asked out loud, ‘Where is this taking place?’ I was shown lots of people inside a movie theater. Not a bar, but a movie theater.”

Three days later, I awakened Friday morning to non-stop media coverage of the Colorado horror, which claimed 12 lives and injured 58 others. The heartache had a ripple effect. Instantly, a wave of humanity and love began flowing into Colorado. Over the weekend, I continued to send healing energy and positive thoughts to those suffering, and participated in a two-minute, silent healing observance that was orchestrated via Twitter by Oprah Winfrey. At Sunday service, my minister spoke on the tragedy and informed that one of the victims was a single mother of three who was a member of our sister congregation in Colorado. Again, more love and positive energy sent over the mountains to those in need. And, that’s where I choose to focus my attention at this given moment – healing and love. For, it’s what I can do. It’s what we all can do.

Yet, there’s something with which I’m struggling personally. What am I supposed to do with these types of images that I receive prior to their happening? It’s not like I’m a super hero, but surely I’m tapping into this information for reasons. Right now, my blog has limited access to the masses, but I do share what insights I can. In the near future, perhaps the Universe will deliver a vehicle where I can reach wider audiences. And, with that opportunity will come greater responsibilities as it relates to my spiritual abilities. Believe me, I have prayed and meditated about this since I heard the reports from Aurora. (And, this isn’t the first time that socially upsetting visions have come to me….the Penn State sex abuse scandal, among others). What else can I or will I be doing going forward when my intuitive gifts reveal social issues and events that batter the human condition?

For now, I’m fully aware of my role in the aftermath – healing and resolve. Individually and collectively, positive forces can conquer fear and strenghten our faith in mankind.

Love and light,





6 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. Vicki Morris

    As I just finished reading your blog about Colorado, I bowed my head and sent up prayers of healing energy to each and everyone that has been affected by this tragic event – even the shooter and his family. I’m glad that you continue to be open as to where your services may be called upon to help the masses or just a few.
    Thank you again Tony for sharing – your beautiful soul touches so many and in so many ways.
    ~ lovelightjoyandhappiness

  2. Mike

    Remain open and share what makes sense to share. What else *can* you do? Obviously, there’s nothing you could have done to prevent what happened. (I’m not sure you were suggesting otherwise.)

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Mike – thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I wasn’t really blaming myself for not doing more (or preventing it), but I just know that for me to be receiving this kind of information that I’m not supposed to sit idle with it. More to be revealed I expect.

  3. Beth (V V)

    Tony, I also have been praying and sending positive energy to all those poor people and their families. Thank God for your wonderful gift. I believe God will let you know when to warn people in the future. He gave you such a wonderful gift. Love you lots, V V

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