The Time Of Your Life

You can purchase a watch or clock, but that’s about as close to buying time as one can get. The subject of sands in the hourglass often arise during my client psychic consultations.

In some cases, the topic comes in the form of questions: “When should I expect this to happen?” “How much time will it require of me?” “Is now the time for me to make this choice?”

While I share intuitive insights regarding a variety of issues, clients are the one who make decisions, take actions and ultimately, manifest their life changes and opportunities. Time is only a mere factor in the overall equation. Don’t dwell on time, instead allow it to be part of the process. Some experiences take longer to develop, while others may require prompt attention.

Then, there are those time-related client discussions that appear as excuses: “I just don’t have the time to pursue my goals!” “That person will not give me the time of day!” “This is taking far too long to happen!”

Those comments are borderline blaming time, which is a cheap shot. Every individual can allow themselves moments to launch the exploration of a desire. Those few minutes could be all that’s required to start the process. Furthermore, another person’s story (or their use of time) shouldn’t hinder one’s own journey. Finally, patience is key while one’s aspirations continue to materialize.

If we commit to being an active participant in our ambitious life course, all those seconds, minutes, hours, days and, even years, will add up to perfect timing.

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Actor Harold Lloyd had time on his hands in the classic film, “Safety Last.”

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