Shopping For A Psychic

“What do I look for when ‘shopping’ for a credible psychic?” a guy recently asked me at a social gathering, where chatter bounced around from jokes to jobs. His question was a cue for me to contribute to the dialogue.

I understood his concern; some psychics and spiritual advisors could be misleading or, to put it bluntly, fake. If he were going to invest his time and money, he wanted guidance on how to make a smart choice.

“In all professions – from doctors to contractors – there could be a bad apple or two in the bunch, so it’s good to do your homework,” I initially replied. Perhaps, psychic mediums undergo additional review because their work is often connected with the paranormal, a word that can send shivers up some spines. However, paranormal doesn’t mean spook fest, it’s defined as lacking scientific explanation. Hopefully, that mindset is changing with the knowledge that everything is energy (related to general relativity, quantum and string theories), including that which can’t be seen (or other sense) by many.

Back to the man’s original query: here are the pointers I offered for finding the ideal intuitive counselor.

Referrals – If possible, consult with other clients who have enlisted the psychic, just like you might do for, say, a mechanic or veterinarian. A large percentage of my business does come from referrals.

Level of Professionalism – Is the psychic’s practice positioned in a business-like manner (to include confidentiality) versus a midway or boardwalk attraction.

Communication Skills – Remember the phrase, “It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that matters?” Ideally, a psychic will not only share intuitive insights, but will present the information in ways that will provide clarity, inspiration and even empowerment to make decisions designed to propel your life forward.

Website/Blog – People surf the internet to check out pretty much any business or service. Be sure to visit the psychic’s website and online journal; the time spent should give you a decent overview.

Trustworthy – Again, with any type of service provider, you want to feel comfortable with whom you’re hiring. Regarding my profession, I’d encourage you to make sure that the intent of the psychic is of a positive and healthy nature.

The guy at the social hour seemed to appreciate my tips, but he playfully posed a follow-up question: “Do you wear a turban?”

“Not while I’m working,” I laughed.

Love and light,


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