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After my freshmen year in 1977, I got my first job working at my hometown theatre. Last night, my first boss, Mr. Clark, paid me a spiritual visit. Given his ripe sense of humor, he appeared in the form of a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger. You see, his first name was Mack!

Once I verbally acknowledged the connection, I felt an energetic hug. He and I then took a trip down memory lane, as he magically shared moments I hadn’t thought about in years.

My early employee antics made good fodder for Mr. Clark’s witticisms. He often joked that I was the only projectionist that fell going up the stairs. Ditto for my having to use a step stool to reach the top reel case of the ginormous projectors! Grace was not my finest work trait.

In those days, 35 millimeter prints of movies would be delivered on Friday afternoons in two tin canisters, each containing three modest-sized reels, which then had to be spliced together in sequential order on two larger projector reels. There were occasions when I got the smaller reels in the wrong place, thus making the films, The Boys From Brazil and Exorcist II: The Heretic, even more confusing than they already were!

From the concession stand to the marquee, I got a full behind-the-scenes experience of what it took to operate an odeon.

But, my favorite memory of working for Mr. Clark was our shared fondness for the silver screen. He was a movie business veteran, having previously ran the now defunct Coffee Drive-In and Levy Theatre before owning the cinema in which I was employed. While giving me rides home in his El Camino after the evenings’ second show, he often shared stories of his early career.

Today, his son, Mack Clark, Jr., continues the legacy as he prepares to open a ten-screen state-of-the-art cineplex in my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama next month.

I bet Mr. Clark will be there in spirit tearing ticket stubs!

Love and light,


The new Clark Theatre opening soon in my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama.





18 thoughts on “Cinema Scope

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey honey! yes, it was! And, I still think about you when I had my first McChicken sandwich (you were the manager of our McDonald’s)! xoxo

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks Nora! As I was actually writing the blog, his spirit came to me again and showed me the reel splicing segment to include in the post! Take care!

  1. Lisa

    Awesome story. I always have a smile after reading, I saw Grease six times in that theater…along with many others. Thanks again.

  2. Felicia M. Metcalf

    Good story! Brought memories ! I’ve always enjoyed movies. My Daddy was managing the “Picture Show” in Elba, AL when I was born and would take me with him as a little girl and ” show me off”. Then as a teenager, we lived in New Brockton, where he managed the PS and he would let me sell Popcorn or take up tickets.😍

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