Love Connections

Fox TV is rebooting the popular, once syndicated, The Love Connection. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the dating show pairs up folks for nights on the town and then regroups to see how it all played out!

During my psychic consultation sessions, romance and love pop up frequently. While most are wanting to attract the ideal mate, some clients are searching for an even more personal understanding: How to feel love.

In the realm of love, it’s important to start with a core fundamental: love yourself. Far from an ego trip, this is about acknowledging your own good and worth. This must happen first before moving on to the next phase.

Step two is to love people, which is not a permission slip to make out with the next person you meet on the street! Instead, it’s about sharing kindness and understanding with whom you come in contact.

For example, last week, I took an early morning four-mile walk and decided to reward myself with a quick breakfast at McDonald’s. Sitting next to me were two little boys, both wearing Superman shirts, who alternated between taking the last bites of their hash browns and laughing at each other’s jokes. Admiring their spirit, I started a conversation. Happily, they shared stories of going to school, to which their mom, the restaurant’s cashier, was about to clock out and drive them. Eventually, I walked the family trio to their car as we continued our impromptu chat.

The next morning, I took another walk to a local college stadium so I could run laps around the track. Upon leaving, I, literally, ran into the same mother and kids! We laughed, hugged and wished each other a good day.

Showing love for yourself and others – even strangers – makes attracting it on a romantic level an easier effort. The love aura will naturally be around you.

Is it time to start spelling out your love connections?

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Is it time to bring more love to the table?



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