The Rawls

Situated on Main Street in my hometown of Enterprise, AL, is The Rawls, a historic hotel, whose original courtyard entry faces the old train depot located one street over to the west. Today, the restored landmark houses a wonderful restaurant and bar. But, food and drink aren’t the only things on its menu, as I discovered during a Christmastime dinner six years ago.

It was a family gathering – to include my late grandparents and great aunt – when the holiday meal at the legendary locale happened. Festive and inviting, the main dining room was decked out with pine garland and red ribbons draped over the iron railings bordering the area. An elaborate Christmas tree held court in a prime spot in the room. The meal, I recall, couldn’t have been nicer, as the food and service complemented each other perfectly. Before we waddled out with a few to-go boxes containing leftovers, I, forever the shutterbug, insisted on taking family pictures on the building’s grand wooden staircase.

When I went to bed later that night in my mother’s guest room, I received an intuitive vision of an eye, which I sensed meant, “look,” followed by a group of photographs. Mentally, I was told that there was something special about the set of pictures I’d taken at The Rawls. The next morning, I stopped by Walgreen’s to have the photos developed. I had a suspicion of what awaited. Sure enough, in the photos taken on the staircase, several glowing orbs surrounded us. These sphere-like spiritual presences were our hosts.

Recently, a group of high school students held a dinner at The Rawls, and a picture ( click photo below) snapped that evening revealed more than just orbs. The ghostly definition of a young boy appeared adjacent to the table. In a word, amazing.

I’ve always had a love affair with The Rawls, as its historical importance registers with me. When I return to Enterprise this Thanksgiving, needless to say, another visit is in order.

Love and light,


Look closely in the left corner to see the spiritual presence. (photo from Facebook)

Look closely in the upper left corner to see the spiritual presence. (photo from Facebook)






12 thoughts on “The Rawls

  1. Tammy Lopez

    Wow! I saw this pic on Fb but didn’t know there was an extra guest. I have heard of the spirits living there over the years. Seeing is believing. Love your blogs cuz! Love ya.

    1. Tony Post author

      Yes. It’s an amazing photograph. And, nice to know that the historic building is still being protected and watched over by humans and spiritual energies.

  2. Beverly Maccabe Peterson

    Wow!! It took me a minute to find it but once I did, I couldn’t believe I didn’t see it immediately! I’ve heard so many stories about friendly ghosts there & now I totally believe it!!

  3. Pamela Chavez

    Back in the early 70’s a friend of mine lived in the upper part of this hotel. Her parents rented it as a place to live. At the time it was in pretty bad shape. We use to run up those stairs and at the time I couldn’t wait to run back down to get out. I think because at the time it was so dark in there to get up the stairs. It has changed of course over time. I love eating there and visiting still. I just went a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. Hugs.

  4. Michael

    Wow Tony! Clear as day! We have a lot of activity up here on the Northcoast with all of the Victorian homes from the late 1800’s Eureka was a booming town then with a lot of great stories! Thanks for sharing! Michael

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