About twice a year, I share predictions regarding events or people that are connected to the general population. Here are a few on which I’ve received visions and insights.

Isis – Focus from the U.S. and its allies on this militant band continue and will involve a major explosion. This nighttime operative has been delayed for various reasons. Furthermore, I’ve heard the phrase in my head, “The water is bad,” which prompts me to think that some type of biochemical assault may be used. Rebel forces who’ve been destructive and violent will be surprised by the united front against their efforts, which will include on-the-ground tactics.

Celebrity – A major marquee name will be the victim of an attack on his  life. A movie star with international appeal, he will be confronted in a public setting. The culprit will be nabbed on the scene. The actor’s wife will be nearby as he slowly recovers.

Rescue – Expect a celebrated rescue mission to take place involving aircraft. Stranded with limited resources, those found will be reunited with loved ones. A special holiday gift, indeed.

Love and light,




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