A Guy Walks Into A Bar…

One never knows where a shaken martini at the Tower Bar at the art-deco gem, The Sunset Tower Hotel, will lead to! Last Friday evening as I sipped my libation, I overheard (some would label it eavesdropping) the woman standing next to me reply to Derek the bartender, “I just hope one of the brothers wins the Super Bowl.” Laughing to myself at what could have been the night’s best punchline, which referred to the sibling coaches and the approaching game, I had to chime in. But, who knew our eventual conversation would have little to do with football?

“I have to tell you,” I interrupted, tapping the brunette on her shoulder, “what you just said was hysterical.” Her husband, standing on the other side of her, nodded in agreement.

“Can you imagine how proud those guys’ parents must be? Not one, but two sons presiding over a Super Bowl!” she said, acknowledging my comment. The portal to conversation was now open. Somewhere in the midst of our exchanging pleasantries about Chelsea Clinton, Palm Springs and the actress Naya Rivera who plays Santana on “Glee” (seated at a nearby table), I mentioned that I was a psychic intuitive.

“Did you say psychic?” asked the husband, who was a renowned cancer specialist at one of Los Angeles’ leading hospitals. “I’ve just left a past-life regression appointment and the facilitator told me that I would be more aware of psychic connections. And, less than an hour later, I meet you! I haven’t even told my wife about my session because I wanted to wait until we got a cocktail here at the hotel!” Drinks segued into our having dinner together.

Nearly two hours later, we’d covered a lot of ground: our past-life experiences, the heartfelt story of how the couple met, my spiritual awakening nearly six years ago, the cancer non-profit organization they founded and even mutual connections! We could have talked all night, but, instead, vowed to stay in touch. Certainly, a friendship that’s to be continued.

Exiting the Tower Bar, l offered my compliments to the pianist for providing our soundtrack for the night. He smiled and then eased into “Some Enchanted Evening.” Perfect!

Love and light,









16 thoughts on “A Guy Walks Into A Bar…

  1. Vicki Morris

    Love, love, love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful insights that you encounter. No coincidences at all. Love you. Lit’l Vic

  2. Chris Hungerford

    What a great connection! That hotel is a magical place – amazing the people you can meet there. Reminds me of all the wonderful friends I met on your birthday last year. One of fondest memories of that weekend was sitting in that bar with a wonderful group of people – all connected through a very special man!

    1. Tony Post author

      That hotel’s historic – rich in Hollywood history – but its vibe is so incredible down-to-Earth. No wonder such great memories happen there. And, yes, my birthday was one of them. So glad that you were such a special part of it : )

  3. Lisa

    First of all–ditto exactly what Chris said!!! I loved reading this story, not only for the lovely memories it brought back to me, but also the message it gives that we need to be open to all the things and people the universe wants us to experience. Thanks again Tony for the beautiful reminder and for being such a wonderful person!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks Lisa! So glad your beautiful smile and energy were a part of that weekend. Here’s to creating new frienships and treasuring old ones : )

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