Taking A Chance On Love

The day’s approaching where See’s Candies experiences a spike in chocolate sales and florists can’t keep enough red roses in stock. Yep, Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s annual fling, is prime time to dote on friends, family or a significant other. However, relationships aren’t just about February 14th.

While love is meant to be enjoyed, it’s also part of our growth experience as humans. The more we share, the more we receive. And, I believe, the better our planet as a whole will thrive. But, there are times when the lover in us is trapped by self-imposed barriers, which often hinder ventures in the amour department. Here are three types of blockages that’ve been identified during my psychic intuitive client discussions about romance.

The Blame Game. “I can’t attract anyone to love because my family never cared about me.” I don’t discount my clients’ revelations, but to repeat – and believe – this type of statement isn’t moving one to a loving place. It’s keeping one imprisioned in a torture chamber. Despite the hugs and affection that a person may have missed out on, continuing to place blame is giving those haunted memories the upper hand. Once the cycle is broken, healing will take place and love will fill the void.

The Big But. “I’m wanting to find true love, but I can’t move past my old relationship.” This is what’s known as being stuck. Immovable. Some find it easier to cling to crumbling situations that are often manipulative, co-dependent or flat-out destructive. There’s a line in the movie/book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, that captures this scenario: “We accept the love, we think we deserve.” So, if you want a higher form of love, then act like it.

Forget Someone? During client consultations, many share stories of their being kind and expressing love to others. Yet, they forget to honor themselves in an equal manner. Embracing self-love isn’t an ego trip, but, instead, a positive step in attracting more love in your life. Once you love who you are (sometimes action’s required to see one’s self in that light), then others will more easily be attracted to you as well.

When it comes to relationships, it’s all about getting to the heart of the matter: Love! Or, maybe a Barry White CD!

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12 thoughts on “Taking A Chance On Love

  1. KaZ Sat Siri Akers

    Yep, love of self is the starting point. I am not talking about narcissicm. I am talking about loving all of yourself enough to love what you feel are flaws or shortcomings. Being loving automatically makes you loveable. LOVE YOU, Tony!!!

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