Summer School

Summer 2009 marked my departure from 25 years of Corporate America to my new career as a psychic medium. It was a whole new classroom. Thus, my thirst for learning went into overdrive.

As with any new job, there are various forms of training. And, I was determined to explore as many as possible. First up, I wanted to check out the experts, noted psychic mediums who’d been performing this type of work for years. In June 2009, I drove from Louisville (where I lived at the time) to St. Louis to see John Edward, who once hosted the popular, Crossing Over, TV show on NBC. In front of a packed hotel ballroom, Edward made spiritual connections for individuals and families who sought resolutions to questions or concerns. The following month, I attended a sold-out appearance of medium James Van Praagh, whose early book, Talking to Heaven, I’d read years prior to knowing about my own intuitive gifts. He, too, received and delivered messages from the spiritual world to those in his audience. Both, masters of their craft with different communicative styles, were fascinating to observe.

While grateful for the opportunity to watch seasoned pros operate as I immersed into my new occupation, I didn’t go so I could be a copycat. No, it was like attending a lecture series or a work lab; my summer school, if you will. Like some of my former tenured professors, these two studied men of the spiritual field inspired me to advance my learning. And, I continued to do so the rest of that summer and beyond. Books, workshops, retreats, one-on-one interviews and meditative practice all became essential training components.

The last five years have been educational, transformative and amazing. In other words, the best report card ever!

Love and light,







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