I Get Mail!

Recently, I was interviewed about my profession as a psychic medium, which prompted me to review questions I’d received over the last few months from potential clients. Here are a few:

“Is it difficult for you do readings for people you know, such as good friends or relatives?” – No, not at all! I separate what I may know about the person from my work and allow the spiritual insights that I obtain to be as pure as possible. By instilling that practice, I ensure that the information isn’t swayed based on any prior knowledge. So far, it seems to work! (Hey, if I can do a reading for my mother, then, I’ve passed the test).

“Is a psychic medium similar to a life coach?” – While I’m not aware of the criteria for being a certified life coach, I would expect that both professions can certainly provide guidance in advancing aspects (relationships, career, etc.) of a client’s life. The big difference in being a psychic medium is that I share insights that I receive from spiritual sources and energy vibrations. By the way, I know a person who is actually both: a certified life coach and a psychic medium.

“Can you turn your psychic ability off and on whenever you want?” – For the most part, yes. As with all jobs, it’s important to maintain a work/rest balance. Naturally, during a reading, my spiritual radar is strong and focused. After the session is over, I do shut down and recharge my batteries. Away from work, typically, I wouldn’t walk into a room and start picking up spiritual visions or messages. I say, typically, because there are times when unexpected spiritual contacts happen. Just this past weekend while lunching with friends, a specific message came through loud and clear as I chomped on a corn dog!

If you have questions about my role as a psychic medium or want to schedule a session, please feel free to reach out to me (contact info is in the website)!

Now, a question for myself: “Why did I order that corn dog?”

Love and light,



5 thoughts on “I Get Mail!

  1. Joey Rivera

    Hello Tony, I do have a question! When you have your spiritual contacts, Do you receive their messages in visions? Or “messages”? I guess my question has to do with clients whose first language is not English…are you still able to relay information from a relative of theirs who wishes to send a message but we know they didn’t speak English…I may be confusing and not clear, hope you understand my query!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey!! Good question! There are two types of energies with which I work. The psychic part perceives information about a client’s future. The medium part receives information from another spiritual source (a deceased relative, spiritual guide, etc.) to relay to a client. Sometimes, the energies intersect (which is always fun). In either case, the insights can come to me visually and verbally. I also “feel” insights – both physically and emotionally. For the record, I’ve had relatives, who didn’t speak English during their physical existence, of clients come through with information. In the spiritual world, they can communicate however they please. And, when spiritual entities (to include pets!) come to me, they communicate with me in a way that I’ll be able understand so I can deliver the messages to a client. Also, while I was in Chile last year, I did a reading for a woman who spoke Spanish and no English. I enlisted a translator to help. It was beautiful how the information flowed even with a translator present. Thanks for reading too!

  2. Suz

    Hi Tony!
    Just read an article on HuffPo and felt compelled to find your blog!

    Since my pre teen years (many moons ago!), I’ve had sporadic intuitive/psychic experiences that include seeing a deceased loved one sitting in the pew next to me in church, of all places.

    Most recently, when I was having my hair cut, I saw an older man standing beside the young man who was cutting my hair. Except the older man wasn’t there. At least not in the physical. I so wanted to say something to the hairstylist but was petrified to do so. I actually began feeling anxious and panicky when I considered the idea – what if I was just imagining it? Making it up in my own mind?
    When you first began your journey, did you have difficulty trusting your visions/thoughts, etc? Did you second guess yourself? If so, was there a specific turning point for you?

    Do you by chance have list online of events you’ll be attending in 2016? It would be great to see you in the Southeast. And, on shallow side – I love the color of your sweater in the photo!

    Peace be with you!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your message and for checking out the Huffington Post interview. I also appreciate your sharing your stories too. I will tell you this: Once I became more comfortable with my gift (and not concerned with others might think), it got even stronger! And, in the process, I’ve been amazed at the number of people from all walks of life who embrace spirituality and psychic intuition. And, many have had experiences like the ones you’ve described. Keep working with it and continue to stay open to messages and communication. As for 2016, I’ll be pretty much on the west coast so far. Take care and keep in touch! – Tony

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