Message Received; Message Delivered

Late Tuesday afternoon, a client from Oregon sent me an email: “My ex-partner passed away this morning. He’d been sick. But, I never got to say goodbye.” That night, the partner’s spirit came to me with a message.

What I’ve discovered is that when those who’ve made their transitions want to contact with someone in the physical world, their spirits will share with me events and/or items that have personal significance between the specified parties. This was the case Tuesday night. When the spirit came into my presence, my entire body experienced a tingling sensation, as if it was being juiced with goose bumps on the inside and outside (this happens a lot to me). I asked if there was something I could share with my client, the spirit’s ex-partner. Right away, I was shown a small round object, about the size that could fit into one’s hand, which allowed light to filter through it. I picked up the phone and called Oregon to relay the vision. I’m glad that I did.

My client was emotionally upset when our conversation started. But, after I said the words, “His spirit came to see me a few moments ago,” there was a sudden pause of peace; perhaps, wishing for some sort of closure. I proceeded to describe the object, which made sense to my client. I was told that it was a salt-crystal votive holder, a gift from the deceased, and that it had just been lit it to honor the late ex-partner.

Then, a few simple, but profound, words, came out of my mouth. Words not chosen by me, but of the departed: “Despite what we may have gone through in our tough times, love always trumps everything else.” When I channel a spirit’s energy, I’ve been known to suddenly be consumed with certain emotions. This was no different, as a wave of tears erupted. Not sad tears, but tears of happiness that a connection had been made. A spirit’s unfinished business had been resolved.

By the way, that same spirit came to visit me again last night, this time with a message for me: Blog about this tomorrow!

Love and light,





10 thoughts on “Message Received; Message Delivered

  1. Beth

    That’s awesome Tony! Goose bumps for me! I just love that the departed can communicate with some people, like you, who are still here. Love and miss you, V V

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Beth – Thank you so much. It’s actually very beautiful when it happens…to know that I have a role in helping a spirit take care of some unfinished business. Love you too!

  2. Charles Rodney

    I was lost in thoughts about my Uncles Ed and Frank this past Monday. I felt the need to tell all in my Facebook post. It too was a “crashing wave” of memories, thoughts and emotions about them. Both died nearly 20 years ago and, along with my Mom, died weeks apart. I believe this “crashing wave” had meaning, I just am not sure what the meaning is.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey – thanks so much for sharing. I would think that the “crashing wave” could represent your emotions being released…Maybe not all had been acknowledged. And, the intensity of the series of events could be that your relatives’ spirits are reaching out to you! How wonderful would that be! Take care

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