Focused Energy

Earlier this year, a major corporation’s VP called for a reference regarding a former employee of mine, whom was being considered for a plum assignment at the company. “What would you say is one of the best performance traits of this candidate?,” the exec asked over the phone.

I didn’t hesitate with a reply. “Listening. From the time I interviewed this person until we parted professionally, they paid attention to discussions, conversations and directions.” Perhaps, it was that skill which helped pave the way for their success as a project and department manager. This employee embodied focused energy.

When I conduct my psychic-medium intuitive consultations, I rely on focused energy. An absolute must, it starts with my meditation prior to a consult and continues until the session’s over. During this period, I free myself from distractions in order to receive and share the purest of information. And, certainly, not a time to attempt multi-tasking. Moreover, when I’ve done group readings and workshops where considerable spiritual energy is present, I have to zero-in on one participant at a time. Otherwise, I’d be receiving signals from multiple sources all at once!

In order to receive optimal results, I encourage my clients to be focused too. For example, two years ago, I was about to conduct a phone session (which I love doing) for a client in Los Angeles. However, he wasn’t in an ideal state for our hour together; the guy was in interstate gridlock on the 405. And, from what I sensed, he was close to succumbing to road rage. My client may have had focused energy at the time, but it was being directed at something over which he had no control: traffic. We rescheduled the following week on an afternoon where he was guaranteed to be in a more relaxed environment. And, as expected, the consultation was much more effective.

Focused energy requires practice. Tuning out excess to tune in. But, it’s an easy groove once you’ve adapted. As for my former employee, not surprisingly, they got the job!

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  1. Beth

    Very good Tony. I need to work on this. I always have hundreds of things on my mind all the time. Not good. Love and miss you, V V

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