Shirley, There’s An Explanation!

Leave it to Shirley MacLaine to enhance my recent interest in the lost continent of Atlantis (see last week’s post) with her latest book, Above The Line: My “Wild Oats” Adventure. The entertaining read chronicles the making of a movie filmed in the Canary Islands, a place many scholars theorize are remnants of the famous destroyed civilization. In addition, MacLaine opens up about her own bond with Atlantis.

Within the chapters, the Oscar winner covers her past life in Atlantis, while discovering more about Spain’s famous islands, located off the coast of northern Africa. While shooting on location, she observed similarities about the power and ultimate demise of Atlantis and this film’s chaotic production, as well as, world affairs.

MacLaine’s thoughts about Atlantis join those published by many writers, the first of whom was Plato. And, it was a collection of the Greek philosopher’s words shared in Above The Line that resonated with me.

The night prior to the day I began reading her page-turner, I had another out-of-body experience (OBE). I described it in my journal:

Went through multiple dimensions. Always through bright, white, textured light. Just kept going through dimensions. Felt safe. When I came to, I felt reconnected with someone. Love. Partner. Go inside dwelling. There’s something special about flakes or strips of material – rusty, iron, thin sheets. They have special energy around us. Protection?

In describing Atlantis’ palace compound, Plato, as noted in MacLaine’s book on page 20, wrote: “The visitors passed through a wall of brass, a wall of tin and a wall of copper.”

While I didn’t name the exact metals, I sensed their significance during my OBE. As with last week’s blog post, I felt as though I made another connection with Atlantis.

As I continue my own spiritual journey, I want to thank Shirley MacLaine: actress, entertainer, author and teacher. All, terms of endearment.

Love and light,


Shirley MacLaine's latest book is Above The Line: My Wild Oats Adventure.

Shirley MacLaine’s latest book is Above The Line: My “Wild Oats” Adventure.

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