How The Waste Was Won

Industries come and go, often petering out due to lack of relevance in today’s society. However, new ventures typically fill those voids, such as the recycling and repurposing of previously used materials. As predictions go, I sense more and more businesses – ranging from large scale operations to fresh entrepreneurs – will continue to steadily make an economic impact with pro-planet endeavors. Here are two examples of which I recently became aware.

H & M – A hip fashion chain, with more than 3,600 stores, boosts sales with eye-catching merchandise, celeb endorsements and eco-friendly promotions. Most recently, the global retailer launched World Recycle Week, where consumers bring in used, unwanted clothing and receive a 30 percent discount off their in-store receipts, while the discarded items are repurposed in multiple ways.

Urban Barrels – Inspired by surfing and sailing, two California brothers caught onto the recycling wave and crafted a unique reversible, all-in-one backpack/beach towel utilizing old sailboat sails. Instead of going the way of the landfill, these colorful fabrics are reapplied in not only the company’s flagship product, but a host of clever wearables as well. The sibling duo is passionate about being entrepreneurs, but they’re equally committed to being ambassadors of the ocean and land.

When outfits, such as H & M and Urban Barrels, along with hundreds of others (and the even more to come), continue to develop products that align with our evolving world, they will employ other firms to bring those items to market. Not only are business models being re-invented, but so are supply chain management requirements.

When it comes to waste, this advancing direction is far from wasted efforts.

Love and Light,


Utilizing recycled sailboat sails, Urban Barrels presents a backpack...

Utilizing recycled sailboat sails, Urban Barrels presents a backpack…

and a beach towel all-in-one!

…and a beach towel all-in-one! (Photo credit: Urban Barrels website)

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