Yes, Sir to Big Sur!

Sacred places, locations that feed our spiritual souls and help us find greater connectivity to our higher selves, are dotted across the country. Some are well-known, such as Sedona, Arizona, famous for its multiple spiritual vortexes and incredible scenery. Ditto for Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, a longtime pilgrimage site for numerous Native American tribes and the locale for the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Next month, I’ll be visiting yet another one: Big Sur, California.

I’d been before to the rustic setting of Big Sur, situated on the central California coast about two and half hours south of San Francisco. One would have to be hard pressed not to be in awe, especially after hiking among the towering redwoods or taking in the jaw-dropping cliff vistas of the mighty Pacific.

Beautiful, yes, but, what makes Big Sur a sacred place? For starters, eons ago, it was identified by the Chumash Indians as the gateway for departing and arriving souls. Furthermore, its coastline has been noted by many for its powers to heal, purify and inspire the imagination. Perhaps, that’s why writers, artists and new thought leaders are drawn to this Eden.

Next month, when I spend two nights in a cabin (TV free) along the Big Sur River, I intend to soak up the soul enriching energy.

Given the area’s sacred vibe, it’s been preserved and has avoided being bastardized with development. And, that should come as no Big Sur-prise!

Love and light,


The views of Big Sur are captivating!

The views of Big Sur are captivating!



2 thoughts on “Yes, Sir to Big Sur!

  1. Robert McCormack

    Many years ago I briefly visited Big Sur. My eyes teared up and I had this wonderful sense of peace. I had no idea why this was happening. i hope to revisit and relive that experience and more.

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