Scene Of The Crime

“One helicopter flying overhead. Zoom in on little boy who appears to have been struck by a car. Grieving mother. Son’s body transforms into spirit. Glows. Police lights. Feels like cops have someone cornered – a kidnapper.” On July 16, 2011, I scribbled those words in my journal after witnessing that intense activity in my head. It wasn’t the first crime-related scene I’d seen through my intuitive gift, nor will it be the last.

Most recently, on April 16th, after receiving visions of another criminal act, I recorded the following: “Behind the scenes of show/theater…go in there…man following another man. Man being followed is above….fires gun and shoots other man in leg. Man being followed has dreadlocks.” Let me describe what it’s like to have these types of sensory experiences: Imagine having condensed, quick-cut movies unspool in your brain. Due to the brevity of these visions, it’s imperative that I capture my thoughts as soon as possible. Especially, the details, like “dreadlocks,” in the last crime scene mentioned.

My journal’s full of felony references ranging from prostitution rings to domestic violence. And, there’ve been visions/feelings that place me in situations linked to solving cases – like observing lab scientists who are studying evidence underneath a microscope or ID-ing a suspect in a police lineup.

There’s a reason why I bring up these scenarios. Two weeks ago, a former business colleague forwarded me a media advisory about a “major cable network seeking top psychic detectives for new TV show.” I don’t go around introducing myself as a detective, but I do believe that my crime-related intuitive experiences are preparing me to become more involved and immersed in this area. So, I took action and submitted myself for consideration. Whether or not I’m asked to participate in the series is in the hands of the casting director, producers and, yes, the Universe.

One thing is certain, as I also wrote in my journal on July 16, 2011: “I will help with crime scenes.”

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2 thoughts on “Scene Of The Crime

  1. Reggie

    I had a vision several times of a woman at a dry creek bed near my parents home.. turns out there was a body dumped there. So odd.

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