“Some Intuitive Evening”

Last night in Palm Springs, I facilitated a mini-workshop where I shared how I discovered and now utilize my intuitive gift. Grateful for the attentive interest that my remarks received, for me, however; the highlight of “Some Intuitive Evening” (too clever?) was when the 40 or so participants experienced tapping into their own intuition.

Nestled between the first and third portions of my talk, attendees were paired up for an interactive session. Each duo exchanged a personal item (watch, wallet, water bottle…whatever!) between each other, as a belonging can sometimes be a bonus in picking up energy. Then, I instructed everyone to close their eyes and and leave the rest of the world (cell phone messages, plans for tomorrow, etc.) outside the room and focus exclusively on their respective partner’s energy. After a brief meditation, I posed three directives: Think of a name, a place and a word. As part of the process, I asked that each person write down the first thing that came to mind – while still connecting with their mate’s energy.

Minutes later, each couple compared their notes with each other. And, there were some “Aha!” moments. For example, one guy told his partner that he was hearing the name, Brian. His cohort replied, “I was with my father all day today and his name is Brian.” Others chimed in too, like mentioning cities to which whose partners were contemplating trips in the near future.

One person even confessed that his first thought regarding “a place” sounded “too easy” and ditched it for another choice. When he told of his original selection to his collaborator, he got a validation of a connection. His lesson: Have the confidence to trust your intuition when it comes through (I experience this all the time in my consultations).

As I stated last evening, practicing intuitives or psychics don’t have a corner on the energy market, it’s available to all. Some energy is visible, while other forms aren’t. But, you can still sense their presence. We can all pay attention to intuitive thoughts, messages or signs when they arise.

Now, for my next assignment: Borrow another Broadway tune for my past-life workshop. “Send in the Clones”??

Love and Light,






4 thoughts on ““Some Intuitive Evening”

  1. Jason Press

    Great session Tony. Very insightful.

    Interestingly, that evening after I thought back on my own intuitive power I was startled by the revelation of how answers in life are often sitting right in front of us, but we’re often too unimaginative to see them.

    When I was testing my intuitive capabilities with Rocky, my session partner, I saw the name “healer”. When I asked whether or not that meant anything to him, he said no — he wasn’t a doctor, massage therapist or anything connected to the medical profession.

    He was a pet sitter and dog walker. Neither of us saw the “heal-er” connection.

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much for participating last night. Very keen observations too about intuitions and how they are often right before us..in various forms!

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