Mind Over Matters

“I just don’t know if I can take any more; the loan company keeps asking for more documentation,” a psychic consultation client moaned during the midst of her recent real estate transaction.

“I’m seeing you getting through this – step by step – and you will not be torn apart,” I replied, with the aide of my spiritual insights.

After a heavy sigh, she tossed a left-handed compliment of sorts: “Now, why would I expect anything else but that to come out of your mouth? You’re always positive.”

The truth is when I’ve dabbled in the negative thinking world before, it hindered chances of an ideal outcome. I’d go so far as to say that I may have even crossed the threshold into sabotaging my own good. Based on my experiences, I now choose a more optimistic angle.

The mind can play tricks on us. And, we allow this to happen, perhaps, even encourage it to do so. When this issue arises during my client sessions, I often share insights that, if utilized, can bring about a more positive mindset and a fair playing field:

It’s easy to have faith when things are humming along smoothly, but we really need to believe in it when obstacles arise!

Being positive isn’t about being naive about opposition and hurdles, it’s just a stronger approach to confronting them.

Even in chaos, identify positive aspects.

Realize that the Universe isn’t picking on you; whatever challenges you’re facing, others have dealt with them too.

Be kind to others. And, to yourself.

As for the client who was stressing over her home buying ordeal; I just received an invitation to her housewarming party next month!

Love and light,


Even in a cluttered mind field, positive perspectives help us to see beyond to what is possible.

6 thoughts on “Mind Over Matters

  1. Maggie

    I need to work on this!!! My mind has been so cluttered. With my problems and the problems I ‘sense’ from others. I have been putting myself into a negative place with all these thoughts and not achieving anything because I’m basically using it as a crutch. I will work on it and any other suggestions you might have for me. ☺️

    1. Tony Post author

      Well, the first step is that you recognized the issue and want to address it! Way to go. When you catch yourself slipping into a negative frame of mind, stop it cold in the tracks and try a different approach. This can be accomplished by doing something – like exercise – that has a more positive outcome. Take care and thanks for reading!

  2. suz

    “Even in chaos, identify positive aspects.”
    I’ve almost always had this mindset. But I don’t know if it’s the chemo, radiation, or medications, but my G-d, I’m struggling so with this. I appreciate your positivity, Tony. It’s light in a sometimes self- darkened world.

    1. Tony Post author

      Sending much love, light and healing energy your way. Know that even with the curtains drawn that appear to block out the light, a candle can still flicker brightly in the dark.

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