Some Final 2017 Predictions

As a psychic medium, from time to time I get insights on a much larger scale, events that impact a larger slice of the population. Here are a few of the most recent ones that I’ve received:

Born Free – Wild animals are still very much on the radar. Expect a mounting level of concern for protection of elephants, lions and other safari inhabitants. Threats of poaching will surface and a stronger united front will emerge to protest.

Attacks – Nuclear threats and other battle-related activity will accelerate in the far east. Japan, or portions of its coast, is vulnerable to missile attacks. Certain world leaders are literally asking for trouble.

Get Real – In the world of reality TV, I’m sensing that “The Real Housewives” franchise will take it to another level – with like more audience participation. The new twist could be a road show or game show type of format.

House of Cards – In the world of U.S. politics, investigations will go further back to uncover more details. It will feel like a chess game of strategic, cunning moves to most observers, while a key political player continues to contemplate his Solitaire options.

Ethnic Cleansing – Religious conflicts will escalate in Myanmar, where the Rohingya crisis has been labeled as ethnic cleansing. Voices will be raised against the governing regime, but other world leaders (like the Pope who recently visited) will have to pay closer attention to this attack on humanity.

Wrap it Up! – December holiday sales will be brisk, with one young entrepreneur standing out from the crowd. He’s in the process of creating a whole new fun and entertaining shopping experience. It’ll be the Netflix of online shopping.

As we roll into December, share the joy of the holiday season with all around you. Yes, let’s make the season bright.

Love and light,





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