Can You Deliver A Message For Me?

Spirits from the other side have been busy reaching out to me lately. And, I try to answer every call. In most cases, I sense who’s the visitor; call it, Spiritual Caller ID!

Last month alone, I had the honor to connect clients with a host of deceased relatives and friends. During recent intuitive consultations, mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, business partners and, even, pets delivered spiritual information for me to share. Loved ones who’ve made their transitions still want to be a part of our lives, and that’s why they attempt to communicate with us in a variety of ways. Having a psychic medium deliver a message is just one method.

As in the physical world, communication is also a two-way street even with the departed. So, I encourage my clients to try and make contact with their loved ones as well. Prayer, meditation or simply just thinking about them, can effectively establish a conversation with souls on another plane. Through my work, I can also make an effort to relay questions or sentiments on behalf of a client to an entity on the other side. While I never know what will transpire, the results are typically enlightening.

When I tap into medium energy (when a non-living source uses me as a communication conduit), I’ve been known to take on spiritual emotions (since spirits are not able to physically enable them). I laugh. I cry. I smile really hard. Whatever the case, the experiences are positive. I’ve even had spirits give me a hug or a kiss for assisting them with their business!

It’s rewarding work, but it does come with a few challenges. Perhaps, the most common is when multiple spirits are vying for my attention at the same time. Good thing I have Spiritual Call Waiting!

Love and light,







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