But, What Can I Do?

Today’s post concerns a psychic intuitive vision that I had last week concerning gun violence. Here’s what I documented in my journal:

“Someone in a motorcade is the target of a sniper shooting. The person is a dignitary. I’m seeing people in business suits walking outside as the sniper observes. Also, bystanders, including children, are nearby. There are shots. People are struck. The assassin has been hired, as I’m seeing him with lots of money as a payoff.”

Certainly, not a pleasant description, as is the case with any of the past shooting rampages. But, I feel compelled to share this intuitive vision with my readership. Today’s blog isn’t meant as a debate regarding the Second Amendment; instead it’s a call to action. What can we do to help cease these cruel situations? Here’s a start: individually and collectively, we can lift our positive, healing and loving vibrational frequencies to help trump negative forces. Everyday!

It’s not a matter of choice. It’s a necessity.

Love and light,


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