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A popular topic that arises during clients’ psychic intuitive sessions is how to refresh their current jobs. When a thought like that registers in one’s frequency, it’s usually a sign that he or she is ready for self-growth and expansion. And, options for doing so can vary from enriching the present-day career to shifting gears to another occupation or firm.

What I’ve also picked up on during some of these discussions, however, is that job restlessness often has to do with having a “poor manager.” Ever experience that? I would think so, since that ranks number one as to why good employees leave companies for other gigs. While a bad boss can serve as the catalyst for moving on to ideally greener pastures, the syndrome doesn’t die. Lackluster leaders often pop up again – either literally or in our fears – in the forms of others. It’s advised that when a person makes any type of career adjustment or enhancement, it should be for the best reasons. Not as an escape. We don’t want to runaway from something; we want to advance to higher learnings and opportunities.

For me, being my own boss doesn’t squelch the desire to expand. If anything, it serves as a motivation to do so. I love conducting one-on-one consultations either in-person or via the phone. I also enjoy moderating group workshops (one’s coming up in Palm Springs in early May). And, the blog is certainly a creative outlet to express myself (thanks for reading, by the way!). But, what’s next on my radar?

One idea that I’m researching is launching a blog internet radio show, where I’d take questions from listeners. Please let me know what you think and if you have ideas as to what it should contain! And, would you tune in?

Until then, I’d better start working on my radio voice: “Bangor, Maine! You’re on the air; what’s your question?”

Love and light,



6 thoughts on “Stay Tuned!

  1. Rick

    I LOVE the idea of an internet radio show!!! I can just hear you now – Live Online with Tony! I would listen for sure!!!! Any thoughts of what you would call it? 🙂

  2. KaZ Sat Siri Akers

    Blog Talk Radio is GREAT for that. I have 2 channels that I am still getting going and I have appeared on a popular BTR show about spirituality. I can introduce you to the host. She would love you and she is also really a great contact to give you tips and insight on getting your show started. She also has a huge following world wide. This is not the wave of the future, it’s the NOW! Plus FYI YouTube had 1 billion unique visitors last month. (that means not the same people going back again and again), so that is a great market to tap with 2-5 minute video bytes and tips. You are so handsome and have such a great personality, so people would LOVE to see and hear you! blessings dear Tony! KaZ

  3. Beth

    Tony, I think that would be great! When you are talking with someone on the phone, do you receive visions or impressions about the questions they ask you? I guess they would be asking you questions about their future or something in their life. I’m just curious as to how or if you receive an answer to their question. What a great gift you have Tony! Thanks for sharing it with the world! You are such a precious person—-not to mention a good-looking hunk!! Let’s see—-what about “Intuitive time with Tony” or “On the air with Intuitive Tony”. Maybe “Tony’s Tips”! I’ll keep working on that!! LOL Love you, V V

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