Dimension Hopping

Chalk up another first for Tony’s Spiritual Journey: Dimension Hopping! That’s right, jumping from one spectrum of the mind to another, while in a conscious/sub-conscious state, in a matter of seconds. Let me share what happened.

While dreaming in my sleep Wednesday night, I became consciously aware at one point that a shift was about to occur. And, boy, did it! Within dreamstate, my mind and soul ejected into astral travel, leaving the dream dimension and transferring to an entirely different level. As if being transported via magic carpet, I felt the thrust of exiting through one dimensional layer and I experienced the re-entry into the new location. Even though my sub-consciousness was guiding, my being was keen to what was taking place. It was like I was my own interior narrator for the activity.

All of us have had dreams. And, maybe some people, like I, have encountered astral travel. But, the other night was the first time that I’d had the two happen in connected form. (I’ve also had dreams within dreams as well.)

Followers of my blog may recall last month’s post, Another Day, Another Dimension, in which I told of other dimensional experiences involving our pineal gland (located in the brain). In our physical forms on Earth, we are a part of a standard dimension, where our senses and physicalities can participate in our day-to-day living. The other tiers and sub-tiers of dimensions are beyond our familiar surroundings. Here’s one way to illustrate the structure: imagine standing in a skyscraper’s lobby as our earthbound dimension, and all of the towering floors as the other layers available for exploration.

You might say that my mind’s elevator has been rather active these days!

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5 thoughts on “Dimension Hopping

  1. Vicki Morris

    Tony, Just a few weeks ago I was sleeping, I thought but became aware that I took off flying through the woods in my back yard. I was so excited that I was aware of what I was doing and where I was. I did not want it to end, but sadly for me it did not last long enough!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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