The Morning After

After a polarizing presidential election race, I’ve elected to take my own oath:

First of all, I believe in America, the Beautiful, with its human diversity being a stronghold of its lasting fabric. Diversity is not an synonym for divisiveness; instead, it’s an enriching voice for the greater whole.

Furthermore, unity and peace, I know, begin with me. With my heart, my mind and my actions.

Opposing forces, such as this recent campaign, were created by fierce passion. However, that same level of passion can also heal and bring us stronger together. It was proven after 9/11 and other national disruptions.

And, again, it comes back to me. What will I do to foster a more positive future?

I choose to embrace what’s good in our nation and its people. I aim to be a champion for my fellow citizens and for what’s truly possible when we as a country stick together.

And, love can be some pretty powerful glue.

Love and light,


22 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Terry Palombo

    It does all start with us as individual Americans choosing our attitudes and actions and how we will move forward together. Beautifully said, Tony! XO

  2. alvin wong

    I hope you are right!!!!! Thank you for your insights. Though I’m not elated with the election outcomes I hope going forward governing will be for the good of all the people and not just those on the top with connections.

  3. Lake

    Thank you for your post. I woke up with a heavy heart and a feeling of great disappointment and fear, but after talking to some people and reading posts like yours, I realized that I need to be a better person than I was yesterday!!! I will need this and the people I love and care will need this too. With warm regards.

    1. Tony Post author

      First of all, my most sincere appreciation for reading and commenting. Together, we can, and will, deliver a stronger and brighter future. Love’s pretty powerful!

  4. Vicki

    Well said, as usual. I have known you for a very long time and you have always been a positive caring man who encourages others to be a little better than they were the day before…thanks for that!

  5. Vicki Morris

    Change begins with each one of us. Even though we don’t like the outcome, we have to accept it. Then we work more effectively and with more awareness with the resources we have, both inner and outer so we can continue to move forward and change what can be changed.
    Your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love is powerful.

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