Crystal Light

When the winds of change are gale force, we often seek solace to soften the chaos in order to experience whatever situation more positively. While a number of resources are available (meditation, prayer, counseling, support groups), crystals, minerals infused with earthen energy, pack a pretty, potent punch!

Last Sunday, after visiting New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), I popped by the nearby Baccarat Hotel, the famous French crystal maker’s luxury hospitality domicile in Manhattan. Walking through its lobby and dining salon, I was surrounded by an estate-worthy collection of crystal glasses, decor and adornment. Amazed, this wonderland of dazzling prisms enlightened my chakras with vibrant waves.

Crystal comes in many shapes and forms, ranging from a quarry’s raw quartz to elegantly designed works, like Baccarat. The transparency of crystal makes it perfect to capture and emit light, thus spreading pure energy in various directions.

I have psychic consultation clients who are in the midst of life-changing events, (career, health, relationships, etc.). They realize there are ways to not only shield themselves from being overwhelmed by scenarios, but also be empowered to move forward. Crystals have been embraced by some, including a lady who recently designed a beautiful necklace that she wears daily.

Be open to exploring the beautiful energy literally displayed from your ceiling, china cabinet or, even, neck. You might discover evolving with life’s changes can be more crystal clear.

Love and light,



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