We’ve all been there: guilty of typos in letters or emails. And, in today’s hi-tech world of computers and smart phones, AutoCorrect is sometimes an oxymoron. Have a little fun with me as I share a few typos (and definitions that I’ve conjured) from my job as a psychic medium.

Spiritual guide became spiritual glide – “The moment when your spirituality takes off.”

Past life regression became past wife regression – “aka the Henry VIII experience.”

Psychic consultation became psychic constipation – “When psychic abilities are clogged up.”

Angels among us became angles among us – “Geometry class revisited.”

Higher self awareness became higher shelf awareness – “When you realize breakable items are best out of reach.”

Meditation practice became medication practice – “Learning how to open an aspirin bottle.”

And, finally:

Tony’s blog became Tony’s bling – “Has a nice ring to it!”

Love and light (and laughter),








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