Corporate Culture

Mergers, acquisitions and re-orgs: I heard those words countless times during my 27 years in corporate America. And, those terms are still buzzing around office towers today. Perhaps, that’s one reason why I have so many psychic medium clients from the Fortune 500 realm.

My job is to not only share intuitive insights, but to empower people to make smart choices. For example, in February, I received mental signs about a possible forthcoming acquisition of the company where my client held a top-level post. We both were a little surprised at the statement, given the fact that he worked for a huge outfit. Nonetheless, it’s happening this summer. And, he recently scheduled a follow up session to discuss job security.

The first thing I encourage professionals to do is to focus on career growth versus job security. It’s a more positive mindset while in the midst of corporate shuffles. Continue to invest more energy in your own skills and ambitions, while being aware of your industry’s trends. In doing so, you may surprise yourself by wanting to take additional classes, expand your network range or change (possibly, even voluntarily) jobs or firms.

A single employee can’t control the actions of a big company, but one can be his or her own boss when it comes to career development.

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    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks for reading and for the comment. Instead of “worrying” about job security, employees should be “focusing” on their career growth! Take care.

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