Are You Kidding Me?

You can be a kid again!

I found out firsthand this weekend after spending quality time with my eight-year-old cousins. Even though the twin boys often call me Uncle Tony (because of the significant age difference), I easily slid back into my own preadolescence as we talked about everything from judo (“It’s different than karate!”) to Janet Jackson (“Her song ‘Rhythm Nation’ rocks!”).

More importantly, these smart, energetic and thoughtful kids see the world differently than many adults. I noticed that aspect right away after watching them play six innings of Little League baseball Saturday morning. After taking off their cleats and guzzling bottles of Gatorade, they were very complimentary of their teammates, demonstrating respect for their fellow man. Not one syllable of jealousy or fault finding uttered from their mouths.

In addition, they tended to focus on what’s positive and possible, an inspirational mantra every breathing human should adopt.

Unfortunately, the weekend went by quickly. After giving each a final hug before they left Sunday afternoon, one said, “Uncle Tony, let’s get a picture of the three of us standing next to each other.”

I asked, “Why do you boys want a picture like that?”

The other replied, “So we can compare how much taller we are than you next time we see each other!”

I had to ask…

Love and light,


My eight-year-old cousins really stand tall with their outlook on life!


8 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Kenn

    Thank goodness the younger generation also has access to so much more information to combat old teachings of racism, sexism, bigotry, and hatred. The world will be a much better place as they grow up for them. You have a lot to be proud of Uncle Tony.

  2. Matt Pieper

    These awesome kids showing support for one another post game is especially gratifying. Uncle Tony, no doubt you have had some influence on them.

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