How To Lick Life’s Lumps

We all go through our obstacles and challenges, those times that test our human strengths and courage. Yet, in many instances, they also propel us to greater opportunities and learnings.

During my client psychic consultations, some of life’s “lumps” pop up for discussion. When this happens, it’s not meant to frighten or ask for defeat. Instead, the topics – whether they’re related to relationships, health, career, etc. – arise so clients can receive spiritual insights that will help them identify and take appropriate actions. In many cases, the next steps are usually ones that clients have contemplated, but, for whatever reason, have never given themselves permission to pursue.

Here are three things to remember when it comes to those lumps o’ life:

First, lumps usually take time develop from their calm beginnings. Understand, it may require a similar number of days or months to smooth things out. Time, effort and moxie are key to refurbishing; quick fixes usually come unhinged!

Second, when the lump is erased, be sure to notice where you’ve landed…or traveled…as a result of the issue. You’ll probably have made great strides, possibly the type of personal gains you didn’t think you could achieve.

Finally, don’t forget to be grateful and celebrate in whatever fashion that suits you.

Some may choose to beat life’s lumps, but for me, it’s more engaging to lick them!

Love and light (and licks),


I like to lick life’s lumps, almost as much as these mashed potato beaters back in 1987!


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