Holiday Gifts You May Never Knew You Had

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year. While it’s celebrated in many ways, the essence – or spirit – is what makes the holidays special and memorable. Traditionally, wrapped packages – gifts that may be treasured for years – are exchanged among family and friends. Nearly four Christmases ago, I began a journey that led me to discover that I had a special “gift”: I am an intuitive, or, as I also call myself, a psychic-medium (more details about that throughout later blog postings).

While I wasn’t a practicing intuitive until about a few years ago, I can look back on my life now and accept that the “gift” was always there. Through the years, I had gut feelings or premonitions about certain events and opportunities that stretched as far back to childhood. Perhaps, you have experienced certain moments in your life too which you simply marked off as coincidences? How many times have you thought about a person, and within hours or minutes, the phone rings and it’s that person? Once you are open to your intuition and listen and watch for signs, you will be amazed at how it will help guide your life. Intuition isn’t just for psychic-mediums, for I believe we all have the gift. Perhaps, it’s stronger in some more than others based on their specific interests and traits.

Speaking of which, I’ve always had a strong interest in communications. So, it was no surprise that I pursued a career as a corporate communications professional. For more than 25 years, I developed and delivered information to both internal and external audiences in a manner that would inspire action and results. Today, I’m using those same skills, but on different playing field.

Once I truly became aware of – and embraced – my gift (and, I do believe it is a gift from a much higher power), I told myself that I wanted to use it to help others get the most out of their lives. Sometimes, that means providing intuitive insights to help remove barriers, identify aspirations, and execute plans. I’m not a doctor (nor, do I “play one on TV”) or any other type of medical professional, but I do feel that I – like all of us – have the ability to help heal others – and ourselves – as well. The healing arts extends to countless occupations and people, yet many fail to share the gift (and, maybe it’s because they haven’t even acknowledged it within themselves). In many cases, sometimes all it takes is a smile or a kind word.

During this holiday season, make the season brighter for yourself and others by sharing both your intuitive and healing gifts. And, you don’t even have to wrap them!

Love and light,


15 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts You May Never Knew You Had

  1. Valerie Kelly

    Tony! You truly have a gift! How did you know that ‘because…because…because’ we saved that dog this weekend. It is incredible that your involvement with the new Palm Springs Animal Shelter (non kill) would be the saving grace for one puppy, just days after you mentioned it. Thank you again for all your gifts and for being the man you are!

    1. admin

      Wow, Valerie…both of us really did see first hand how the universe works – especially when both of us were using our intuition and healing gifts!

  2. Jim Gross

    Hi Tony! Bravo, you’re on your way. I doubt that it would surprise you that I find my intuitive senses are most alive when my mind quiets through meditative (mindfulness) practice. Building intuitive insight and skill, via a skilled intuitive like you, is a wonderful doorway to being more present for the full glory of our true natures. Your work is a blessing.

  3. Will Dean

    Good post, Tony. It’s an intiguing topic. I look forward to reading future blog posts and learning more about your intuitive gifts and perhaps how I can tap into my own. I believe we all have so many gifts and abilities, and we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do. Keep writing!

    1. admin

      Hey Will Dean! I agree with you…we all need to do more than just scratch the surface with our abilities. I’ll be posting Mon, Wed and Fri for now : )

  4. Scott Harris

    Hi Tony, What a great read! You are so lucky to have that special gift. Use it well. Keep the stories coming and thanks for sharing.

    1. admin

      Thanks Scott! You made my day! And, I will be using the gift to help others….I’ll be posting new updates on Mon, Wed and Fri (for now, at least).

  5. Linda

    Hi Tony, I just subscribed and read this first blog, which I found very interesting.
    I have had many intuitive moments most of my life. Sometimes I was in tune enough to follow them. When I did, things seemed to work out better. Looking forward to reading more about your experiences and maybe learning how to not only stay tuned in but to act on those moments.

    1. Tony Post author

      Linda – thank you for subscribing! Glad you are aware of your intuition and that you take action. Thanks, again, for being a part of the online conversations!

  6. Jason Press

    Tony —

    I’m glad you’ve decided to write regularly again. I’m looking forward to reading your inspiring posts. And I hope others have an opportunity to read your upcoming book soon. Happy Holidays!

    – Jason

    1. Tony Post author

      Jason – thanks for reading and your comment. I’m finding that the blog is a good outlet for my “voice”…and for all “voices” who want to share in the discussion. And, I will keep all informed about my destined-for-publication book, Little Red Wagon. Love to you during this holiday season!

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