Easter: Seven Years Ago

“No one will ever believe this. Not the first person,” I said, staring at a mirror in my Palm Springs condo at 4 a.m. There was a pensive pause. “What about me? I’m the one who’s going through all of this?” Little did I know, the visions, sounds, intuitions and spiritual encounters to which I’d been subjected were the full-throttle beginnings of my psychic medium gift discovery.

It’s been seven years since that Easter vacation scene in California (and the two weeks that followed at my then home base of Louisville), when my life changed forever. And, it did so with a huge jolt and not a little nudge. As the bizarre experiences unfolded, I realized that a major paradigm shift was in the works. Ultimately, I’d have to make a decision: Embrace what was happening and develop it to help others and the planet OR respond with, “Sorry, you got the wrong guy.” By now, you know the choice I made.

But, accepting the gift (and that’s what it is) wasn’t done in the same attention-getting manner in which it found me. No, I didn’t exactly burst into corporate staff meetings or buy newspaper ads declaring the latest news about Tony right away. I was still absorbing and understanding what was happening, so only a handful knew of my secret. That initial year was devoted to learning; I read books, attended conferences, met with noted experts and focused quietly on nurturing and becoming more comfortable with my ability. For I knew, there would come a time to do something with it. Almost a year later, my last Fortune 500 office gig ended and I found myself ready to enter into new chapters, if not, dimensions, of my being.

Every Easter, I now look back on my progress, from establishing my intuitive consultation practice to authoring my future-published book to relocating to California to, well, writing this blog. It’s been a great ride.

Throughout the journey, I’ve been blown away by the number of people (with varying backgrounds in age, sex, religion, education, income, career, sexual orientation, race, etc.) who are believers in the healthy co-existence of the physical and spiritual worlds. Or, who, at least, are open to comprehending it.

Nice to know that my distressed claim in front of the mirror seven years ago was proven wrong. That’s the greatest reflection of all.

Love and light,


14 thoughts on “Easter: Seven Years Ago

  1. Jane Dale Conrad

    You answered a burning question I have had for a long time: “When did Tony become psychic?” Congratulations on having found your niche in this life, Tony. Love you.

  2. Pat

    I acknowledge you for following your calling, not knowing what it might look like along the way and just being willing to be open and create as you move forward. It takes courage. Happy Easter . All the best in creating a life that is fulfilling and a self expression for you while making a difference for others .

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much for those words! And, I admire you for the creative choices you’ve taken in career and life design. What beautiful and inspiring results you’ve manifested!

  3. Bob Lucy

    I didn’t really believe in this “stuff” before you. After seeing and talking with you last year in Palm Springs I thought to myself wow this is real ! I had no reason not to believe you! Your passion was so intense!
    I wish you only the best!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Bob! Spirituality is an individual thing, that’s what makes it so special and meaningful to each person. And, it was so good to see you last year too!

  4. Steven


    If I’m not mistaken, it was just about seven years ago that we met, yes? In/around Palm Springs/Idyllwild?! Indeed, I remember clearly that something new, something big was happening with you and it is so wonderful to see you, several years down the road, having embraced the changes that imposed themselves on you and your thriving with all of it.

    Of course, I had just published my story about talking with dead people so it didn’t seem crazy to me at all! 🙂 Our world needs more and more of you and I, for one, am grateful you answered the call.

    Thanks for showing up in my Twitter feed and for staying connected. I continue to appreciate and look forward to the unfolding.

    P E A C E ,


    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Steven – It was about 5 1/2 years ago in Idyllwild. And, so much has happened since! Your book and your own journey was one of the first inspirations to greet me on my newfound course. I enjoy your insights via spiritualworkout.com Take care!

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