Dream Interrupted

Right in the middle of a dream last night, I received a spiritual intuitive vision. It lasted for about 10 seconds and then my dream resumed. And, everything made complete sense to me – even at 3 a.m. And, even more so later this morning.

Now, some may be scratching their heads as to how I could tell the difference between the dream and the spiritual message? Fair question, as most of the time, I’m not asleep when psychic or mediumship related information come to me. But, last night was different, as the two dimensions collided, so to speak. And, the spiritual message “stood out” from everything else that was unfolding.

Perhaps, because of the holidays, my late grandmother has been on my mind a lot. I still “talk” and send her thought messages daily. And, she communicates back (check out the blog post from last month – Mama Mia) in her own special manner. Also, during late December, I’d received an intuitive vision in my mind’s eye of a Trip Book, used to jot down memories of journeys, that once belonged to my grandmother. I now had the item in my safekeeping. Trouble was, I hadn’t a clue as to where I’d placed it! Even after searching throughout my residence, nada! But, I knew that there had to be a reason for me to have received the vision of that particular book.

So, bedtime comes last evening. Intuitive visions often appear to me while I’m restless – yet, still awake. Shortly after I crawled under the covers, I started seeing images of cabbage rolls – delicacies that my late grandmother labored over. They also happened to be my favorite.

Eventually, slumber knocked me out and at some point, the dream began. It took place in my Alabama hometown, where I was riding a bike over a rocky terrain. Then, came the interruption: grayish, etchy visions of fire. Yes, fire! Moments later, the dream returned to reveal a beautiful green meadow and a lake reflecting the clouds above, a scene that resembled a place my grandmother had visited when she toured Austria back in the late 80s. Suddenly, I was awakened by a single, loud beep coming from inside my home. It was the fire detector situated in the foyer ceiling. Aha! The fire connection!

There was no fire. Not even a whiff of smoke. I knew that It was a signal from my grandmother. (Spiritual energy often communicates through electrical appliances, etc.) But, there’s more!

After my morning Pilates class, I scheduled two new intuitive clients in my new red-leather bound 2014 desk calendar, which rested atop my blue-leather bound 2013 desk calendar. I decided it was time to retire last year’s appointment book to my filing cabinet. When, I opened the drawer, there waiting was my grandmother’s Trip Book, the one she took on her travels to Austria, I might add. Another signal!

Now, if a casserole dish of cabbage rolls shows up my front door, I’ll be floored!

Love and light,








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