“Tony, I gotta to tell you: I finally had enough of sitting at a desk with little to challenge me and now, I’m baking gourmet flatbreads to sell,” happily announced one of my psychic intuitive clients during a recent phone call. “And, you told me months ago that you saw me working in a big kitchen and not in an office!” I share this to point out that it was her choice as to what to do and when to do it. And, for reasons that were relative to her.

When decisions are made to pursue thoughts or ideas, they’re often called game-changers. New courses. New outcomes. In many cases, these involve career moves (like the client above) or relationship statuses (from engaging in new romances to redefining energy-draining old ones). Once the mind is made up to take action, one should expect results. While everything may not evolve perfectly overnight, you are aiming in the right direction for moving forward.

A game-changer isn’t always centered on a major chunk, such as a job. It can happen in any day-to-day surroundings. For example, let’s consider furniture. If you’ve complained about your king-sized bed taking up too much space, perhaps you’ll opt for a queen. Who knows? By doing so, you may open up more than enough room to buy that stationary exercise bike that you’ve had your eye on. You see, it’s not just about the bed, but about other progressive activity that the game-changer will inspire.

In my line of work, my job is to be the coach as clients identify their perspective game-changers. I provide insights and guidance, but they are the star players who make the choices and take action. And, score the points!

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