Seasons Greetings Arrived Early

“I am here, Tony” was the message I received last Thursday from my dear grandmother who’d passed away a year and a half ago. When the words, as if they were written on a chalkboard came to me in my mind, I knew what they meant: her spirit was in my presence. The two of us had a close bond – and I’d say that we still do. I was even shown what prompted the communication: Christmas ornaments.

Last week, I decided to clear out space in my musky utility closet, notably removing four boxes of holiday decorations that had been shelved for nearly three years after moving to my California mid-century condo. A retro aluminum tree had since replaced the evergreen adorned in balls and bulbs that served as the yuletide centerpiece in previous traditional houses in Louisville and Atlanta. It was time for those stowed away ornaments to have another lease on life in someone else’s home. A place where their beauty and merriment could add sparkle to the season.

So, the task of going through the multitude of glass, glitter and gilt was required. I decided to hold onto a few prized ornaments, like a tomato-red globe which broke my blue-and-white-only themed tree routine (some thought I was Jewish, but the colors represented my high school alma mater). Some treasures given to me by friends and family. And, I certainly wasn’t going to part with my Boll Weevil Monument Christmas Ornament, another salute to my hometown. Nestled underneath boxes of newer store bought decor were five glass balls, whose shine and luster had since faded from their earlier holidays. Those nostalgic ornaments originally belonged to my grandmother, as she’d bought them when I was a toddler. When my grandparents neared their late 70s, they stopped putting up a tree. And, those ornaments found a new home. Mine.

By gifting my unused decorations to another household, I, in essence, was continuing a family tradition. Doing so made my day, as it did the young family’s, whose six and eight year-old daughters were especially thrilled to receive the boxes.

That night was when the message from my grandmother came through. Before the phrase appeared, I saw images of those ornaments that I’d elected to keep. And, specifically those which were my grandmother’s. Love was omnipresent. It all made sense to me.

Two days ago, another revelation came to me regarding the words in her message. As a little boy, (probably about the age when my grandmother would’ve purchased those ornaments) I was known, upon arriving at her house, to run to the back door and yell, “Open da’ door Mama, I here. I here.” And, I was reminded of those childhood greetings up until the last time I spoke with my grandmother.

“I am here, Tony” now even makes more sense to me!

Love and light,




16 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings Arrived Early

  1. Mike

    Great story, Tony. Although my grandmother is still alive, she hasn’t decorated a tree in a number of years. One of my favorite keepsakes is a ceramic light-up Christmas tree that I claimed from her stash of holiday decorations. I’m glad you remembered (or were reminded to) hold on to your momentos, too.

  2. Paulette Lee

    Your blog always has meaning for me and usually touchs my heart on some level. With the holidays closing in, this message has special meaning for me. I feel that our dear love ones that have left us are watching over us. What a comfort your message from your grandmother must mean to you.

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much Paulette. The holidays are always special – even when our loved ones are no longer physically with us. They are with us in spirit. Love to you!

  3. Mary Rhoads

    Wonderful story. I became a grandmother for the first time while working at MCI and hated to use the “g” word around all my young, single, yuppie coworkers and managers. Now, thanks to FB, I’m loving seeing so many of our colleagues married with children or getting older themselves and learning abut the “value added benefits” of grandmothers. Love your blogs. Love, Mary

  4. Jane Conrad

    Tony, every time I see two large yellow butterflies flying together on my patio by my flowerpots, I immediately think of my maternal g’ma and g’pa and feel so very loved. I feel as if they are present in spirit. Both are deceased.

    1. Tony Post author

      How wonderful that butterflies bring you such joy and comfort. And, how even more special that there’s such a strong spiritual bond of love. It’s just beautiful! Love you!

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