Angels Among Us

Facebook of recent months has been filled with rants and raves of political candidates and the upcoming election. All fine and good until it’s destructive or counter-productive. So, it’s extra refreshing when I read a blessed story like the one below that was posted by a friend this morning.

“I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital waiting on my appointment and saw this sweet old lady ever more holding court. She was telling story after story with an awesome spirit, and obviously one to reckon with. I MEAN she was just carrying on. I went over to say hello and asked if she was here with someone at the hospital. She said to me, ‘No, I ain’t got nobody, all my family’s dead. I just come here to visit the people.’ Ugh! So sweet! Got my hug from little angel today!”

Medical facilities are certainly places of healings and miracles, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that angels and spiritual presences are often nearby. In the case of my friend, his angel was in the pure physical form. Our lesson: Acknowledge those beings when they come into our lives, whether they happen at hospitals or high schools. Courthouses or cafes. Flea markets or fitness centers.

Elect to celebrate those who do good deeds. It’s something we can all vote for!

Love and light,



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