How Are Things in Bora Bora?

Perhaps, it doesn’t get any more Eden-esque than this: tropical bungalows perched over a crystal blue lagoon with towering mountains in the distance. I always imagined that I’d go to Bora Bora, the aforementioned locale, after I got married for my honeymoon. Yet, I’ve been receiving psychic visions nudging me to start making plans now to go! As nutty as it sounds, it makes sense to me.

A few years ago, I told the Universe that I wanted to visit the spiritual paradise, which is part of the Polynesian Triangle. But, I hadn’t done much to manifest the trip. Sure, I’d cut a clipping out of a travel rag back in 2010 to remind me of this potential destination. But, other than that; zip. Hadn’t even looked into hotels or flights (Maybe, I assumed I’d just swim there!)

Yet, immediately after receiving those intuitive insights prodding me along, “signs” were being placed at my feet prompting me to start taking the necessary steps. First, I learned two friends had just returned from their own Bora Bora getaway, and graciously shared photos and lodging details. The next day, I received American Express’ Departures magazine, which profiled Tahiti’s newest eco-friendly resort, The Brando, as in the late Oscar-winning actor. Marlon fell in love with the area while filming a movie there and purchased a private island, now home to his namesake’s beach haven.

Finally, I received the funniest of all “signs” later that week; one involving the classic TV show, Gilligan’s Island, a cable repeat fixture. With a cast of shipwrecked castaways, the show’s episode upon which I stumbled, involved the title character discovering he had extra sensory perception (ESP)! Hadn’t seen the comedy in years, yet out of all its seasons’ episodes, the one giving a humorous nod to my profession was what I saw that evening. Needless to say, I’ve begun my research.

It’s like I tell my psychic session clients, whatever goal or desire we wish to manifest has to start with a little effort and a strong belief. With added momentum, one can anticipate results!

Ring on my finger or not, I expect to be walking down the isle of Bora Bora!

Love and light,



12 thoughts on “How Are Things in Bora Bora?

  1. John Henry Martin

    Isle of Bora Bora! Hysterical! And, your post comes at a time when I am contemplating a trip to Sweden to see my sister!

  2. Colby Parker

    Bora Bora is also my honeymoon destination. Nothing, is more romantic than staying in an overwater bungalow and going snorkeling right off your private dock into the beautiful turquoise water. Definitely, let me know how your trip goes.

  3. Jimmy LaSalvia

    Make plans for the trip…..BUT don’t give up on the ring! He’s out there somewhere. You might just get to be the tour guide on that honeymoon, showing him all the places you saw the first time you were in Bora Bora. 🙂

  4. Beverly Maccabe Peterson

    Definitely go!! I still cannot believe you haven’t been snagged yet!! You’re such a wonderful, funny, intelligent man-plus you’re a total hottie! He’s out there, Tony!

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