Foreign Language Revisited

Two years of high school Spanish (good grades) and a semester of collegiate French (eh, not so good grades) didn’t prepare me for the bonus attraction within my dream last week. I say, within, because a separate spiritual dimension entered my dream state dimension. Here’s what happened.

While asleep and deep in slumber, a dream emerged. Peacefully, I saw myself walking along the bank of a creek’s gentle current. I glanced at the water winding its way over scattered rock beds. I admired the trees towering above. I could almost smell the scent of pine in the air. And, then it happened.

Like a burst through the ozone, another energy field broke into my dream. Even though I was sleeping, I sensed the occurrence was unlike what I was experiencing in the dream. The sensation had a different vibration, projecting an authoritative or instructive tone. The dream’s picturesque outdoor scene was still intact, it’s just now there was another scenario unfolding: written messages on a mental chalkboard. All in a variety of foreign languages!

Ignoring my dream, I focused on the crafted words that I didn’t recognize. German? Russian? Greek? Japanese? Or, perhaps belonging to another world or Earth lives many years prior to our existence? Nonetheless, I studied the phrases as if I was a student being tested. Finally, I attempted to pronounce the words aloud, which I’m sure sounded like a mouthful of gibberish. I continued, determined to understand what I was reading. After the third try, I spoke so loudly that I woke myself up not only from my dream, but from the spiritual dimension with which it had connected.

In the wee hours and on into the next day, I thought about the importance of the episode. Why was I seeing these non-English sentences and symbols? What did they mean? I suspect I will get my answers in due time.

Meanwhile, I’ll still rely on subtitles when I watch a foreign movie!

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “Foreign Language Revisited

  1. Rich Tyrrell

    What an interesting dream! Lately, I’ve found myself thinking and dreaming in German (which I’ve always associated with a former life in the WWII era.) It makes me wonder what energy/themes/lessons from that past are becoming relevant to me now in the present. Clearly, you’re having similar thoughts about what you saw and learned from your dream. Fun!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks for sharing. Dreams do have connections to our physical world. But, when another dimension enters the dream, it definitely takes on a whole new level!

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