Like “Chirps” Passing In The Night

“Chirp!” The piercing sound traveled from the ceiling to my bed shortly after two a.m. today. A minute later came the first encore: “Chirp!” I buried my ears in the pillow, thinking it would deafen the nuisance. That failed to do the trick as another “Chirp!” sounded on its timed interval.

It always happens in the early morning hours when the home smoke detector’s battery goes kaput. At least, that’s always been the case with me, to include the most recent occurrence. The fourth “Chirp!” triggered my action plan: I sprung off of the mattress, flipped on the nightstand lamp and moved a chair underneath the safety gizmo attached to the eight-foot ceiling.

Managing to pry open the detector, I removed the dead battery. Surely, I had a replacement handy, I thought. Rummaging through kitchen drawers, I had no such luck, as the circular beacon continued its chirpfest in my sleeping chamber.

Wearing my L.L. Bean house slippers, flannel lounge pants and a hoodie (to hide bed hair), I drove nearly nine miles to the nearest 24-hour convenience store. The place was essentially a ghost town, with only the cashier seated hidden somewhat behind the counter.

I held the defunct battery like a prop in my hand. “Please tell me that you carry this in your store,” I implored the twenty-something-year-old employee.

He casually walked to a nearby aisle and produced my request. “Here’s what you need,” he replied.

I grabbed two nine-volt batteries, not even flinching that they practically cost double the price of what most hardware stores charged. Paying for the purchase, I explained my predicament, “Nothing like your smoke detector chirping non-stop in the middle of the night to get your attention!”

Then, came the cashier’s thoughtful response, “I bet; but, aren’t you glad it wasn’t for something far more serious?”

Given the recent threat of California wildfires in my neighborhood, I greatly appreciated his placing my current mini-ordeal into perspective.

It just goes to show; life lessons can come from anyone at any time.

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6 thoughts on “Like “Chirps” Passing In The Night

  1. Robert McCormack

    I can relate to that experience. I’ve gotten up and fortunately had enough batteries to replace all of my alarms before being able to go back to slumber.

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