Random? Really?

Hearing the word random so many times this week was a sign for me to blog about its occasional bad rap. As defined in the dictionary, random refers to a “haphazard course” and “no definite direction.” To me, that sounds like hit or miss. Or, not concerned about where something might lead. Yet, there are times, when random is utilized incorrectly.

During a recent psychic consultation, a client stated, “It was a random fluke that I drove down that street today and the house of my dreams had a For Sale sign in its front yard.” Random? She had been longing for her ideal abode for months. I believe it was the woman’s thought of real estate that attracted her particular route that day. An established thought led to her action; it wasn’t haphazard or lacking definition. My client was on a mission and when the time was right, (i.e. that house being on the market) she was prompted to pass by.

Another example: A guy from Texas told me via email, “I was Googling for a psychic and your name popped up in a random search.” Random? Again, this eventual client had a specific thought in mind: to find a psychic suited for his concerns. And, at the best possible moment, the Universe aligned and connected the two of us. Our weekend session was productive on a number of levels. He even referred two of his friends to me!

So, next time you feel compelled to use the word random. Think about it: If there was a thought attached to the set of circumstances, then opt for another word. Destined has a nice ring to it!

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