One Year Anniversary

A year ago next week, I published the first post to Tony’s Blog (original title, huh?). And, I have a couple of surprises in store to mark the occasion. But, first, you’ll have to read a brief recap of my take on this initial year.

Reluctant at first, I decided to start the online journal after receiving psychic visions of sexual child abuse, which was followed weeks later with the headline-grabbing Penn State allegations. It was time to speak out about my intuitive gift and experiences. During this first year, I’ve had the opportunity to cover a host of subjects that specifically relate to spirituality, psychic abilities, energy and the like, all within the context of self-growth and enlightenment. The journey, including readers’ comments, has certainly opened my eyes, ears and heart to so much more.

For those who’ve shared comments to my posts, THANK YOU! And, I want to keep hearing from you – and from those who’ve thought about posting feedback, but haven’t had a chance to do so. In regards to the blog’s next phase, I’m all about improving the communication. So, send your input on what you’d like to see featured. While never short on ideas, I want to keep your interest afloat!

Now, for the surprises! First, as with last year, I’m offering Psychic Intuitive Consultation Gift Certificates for the holidays. But, this season, if you purchase two, one-hour session gift certificates, you get a complimentary one-hour consultation for yourself! Check out my website,, or send an email to if interested.

Also, to celebrate the first year of the blog, I’ll be awarding two free one-hour Psychic Intuitive Consultations. To be eligible for the random drawings in late December, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my blog (click on the SUBSCRIBE button and enter your email address – you will then receive email notices when I update the blog). Each subscriber will have one entry for the giveaways. But wait, there’s more! If you’re already a subscriber and refer someone to sign up, you’ll get an additional shot at the drawings. So, make sure you’re a subscriber and encourage others to do so too! It’s my little way of saying, “Thanks for reading.”

Moving forward into the second year. Maybe, it’s time to make the title more snazzy. Tony’s Blog-a-Rama?

Love and light,







13 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Mike

    Congratulations on your first year, Tony! I have to imagine that very few bloggers, regardless of their motivation or ambition, actually get to celebrate this milestone. So, as you get ready to mark the beginning of year 2, take a well deserved moment to pat yourself on the back.

    And then get back to work. 😉

  2. Beth

    Congratulations Tony!! I enjoy your blogs so very much. And you know I grew up skating at the Roll-A-Rama in Enterprise—-so Blog-A-Rama works for me! In fact, now that I think about it, that is where I had my first kiss! So sad I can’t remember who it was!! LOL Love you, V V

  3. Clare

    Tony, Blog-A-Rama reminds me of the wonderful time we shared at Atlanta’s Cyclorama!!! Great times and I still have the cassette and liner notes that you made for me when I visited you and Chris. Congratulations on your first anniversary, you will have many more!!

  4. Pat

    Tony, congratulations on your one year anniversary. I know it take something to keep it going over time .Thanks for your courageous and authentic sharing.

  5. Pamela Driskell Chavez

    Congratulations! ME, ME I need your services….I can hardly wait for your book to come out…Does your old childhood babysitter make the book????…lol…I love you Tony…

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