Bed, Bath & Beyond

My bed often has its share of activity around 3:00 a.m. I should clarify: my head lying in my bed has its share of activity in the wee hours, as it’s common for me to receive psychic intuitive messages. This weekend was no exception.

Usually, when I’m awakened in the middle of the night, it’s because my bladder requires attention. Before heading to the bathroom, at times, I’ll receive intuitive insights while still relaxed in bed. These can include moving visuals, symbols, voices and, as with the case during Sunday morning’s infancy, written words.

As if looking at a chalkboard, my mind’s eye saw the statement: TONY…SAY…YOU ARE GOD. I flipped on the lamp and scribbled the communication in my journal, which is always positioned on the nightstand. This was perhaps one of the strongest messages I’d ever received. Somewhat perplexed, I sent a quiet prayer asking for guidance regarding, TONY…SAY…YOU ARE GOD. I got my answer within hours!

I scheduled only two clients Sunday afternoon, so I devoted the remainder of the day to reading Shirley MacLaine’s 1989 bestseller, Going Within: A Guide for Inner Transformation. In the book’s sixth chapter, I was drawn to the words: “God lies within, and therefore, we each are a part of God. Since there is no separateness, we are each Godlike, and God is in each of us.” Pure and simple: God’s energy is all around us, but it also thrives within us. Once we acknowledge that, we can more easily connect with our Higher Self, the soulful part of us that is linked constantly to Divine Source energy. It’s free and available to all.

So, to say, “I am God,” isn’t mockery; it’s a fearless way of embracing your soul’s relationship with God and all-relative good.

Before Sunday’s bedtime, I repeated the sentence several times. I felt Peace. I felt Love. I felt God.

Love and light,


Middle of the night messages can be very revealing, so I keep a tablet nearby.

Middle of the night messages can be very revealing, so I keep a tablet nearby.




16 thoughts on “Bed, Bath & Beyond

  1. Mike Burger

    Perfect! I have been told that 2 – 3 a.m. is when we are in a more receptive mode for messages from our guides. Thanks for sharing, Tony.

  2. Ted Briggs

    I makes sense intuitively and seems like it is the underlying message to most religions. When we see ourselves and others as all part of the same godly existence, we start to care about others as we care about ourselves. A great message for us all! Thanks Tony!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Ted, that was what it felt like to me too! Acknowledge our own Godly existence first, see it in others and vibrate off each other to create a better world. Start within! And, thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Beth

    WOW! I’ve been wondering why I always feel the need to pray during those early morning hours while in bed. I thought it was all spiritual but I see there is some physical explanation too. It is always between 2-4 a.m. It might be an hour or it might be two hours. It really relaxes me every single time. Thanks so much for sharing this. Love you, V V

  4. Vicki Morris

    What a revelation you had as your God mind revealed the truth that we are ALL ONE Consciousness. Beautiful Tony that you shared that experience with all of us. The God Force within continues to reveal itself if we pay attention. Exciting! As Abraham says; Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on!
    Makes me want to do the Happy Dance!
    Love you!

  5. Julian

    What a gift to know and to use this connection, and to know that there is a power within us all that can connect any anytime to the god like energy, the thoughts that came to mind the second time I read this is that I wish for of the 7 billion people on the planet to know this as well, we are all worthy of the gifts of life and abundance, and yet some people have challenges just finding basic necessities. Thanks Tony You Rock

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