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Readers send questions about my work as a psychic medium and the various topics of spirituality. Here are a few of the recent ones:

You’ve mentioned that you receive visions and hear messages; have you ever smelled an intuitive insight? – Known as Clairalience, utilizing the sense of smell with extrasensory perception (ESP) has occurred during my client sessions when a loved one’s spirit comes through. My nose has caught aromas from heavy cigarette smoke (father was chain smoker) to homemade pasta sauce (a grandmother was a traditional Italian cook).

One session especially comes to mind: When a late mother’s spirit connected with me, I asked my client, “Why am I smelling cotton candy?”

She laughed, “We always told mom that her hairstyle looked like cotton candy!”

Can bad energy be converted to good energy? – Like I’ve shared with some of my psychic consultation clients, waking up on the wrong side of the bed isn’t a bad thing if it leads you to a better good. Perceived bad moments or inconveniences will have negative impacts, if we allow them to happen. For example, most of us have experienced flight delays. Instead of bitching about the situation, I understand it’s out of my control (weather, plane mechanics, etc.), so I focus on what will be a positive use of my time and energy (reading a book I’ve been wanting to finish, writing a blog post, etc.) until the jet leaves the ground.

Does everyone have a spiritual guide? – Yes, and they aren’t always a relative or close friend who’ve made their transitions. Whereas, my late grandparents often come to me with messages and signs, my spiritual guide is Andrew, and he provides assistance with his unique communication style.

And, I don’t even have to text him!

Love and light,


It's time to check the mailbox for a few questions!

It’s time to check the mailbox for a few questions!



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  1. Manny

    HI Tony this is my first time reading your article! And I think it is awesome…thank you so much for being so honest and open about your gift and resolving questions about it…as I mentioned to you in one of my messages I believe you are a Messenger with clear white positive energy I really can feel it!

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