The Other Side

I’ve had many psychic medium consultation clients ask, “What’s it like on the other side?” They’re referring to a description of once the soul leaves the human body and transitions into spirit.

This question typically arises when a client has lost a loved one and wants to make a connection. Those sessions often involve considerable mediumship work, or when another spiritual entity communicates through me. Even though my soul has left my physical being and ventured to other dimensions through out-of-body experiences (OBE), I’ve never crossed over into the spiritual realm from a death or near-death event myself. Yet, I’ve made contact with those souls who have. This is what a few have shared with me in regards to, “What’s it like on the other side?”

The late great aunt of a client came through to me and showed me a beautiful, sparkling, blue body of water. She was at peace in this spiritual oasis. “Your relative is very much connected to water and her soul is now immersed in pure love,” I said to my client over the phone.

He replied, “That makes complete sense. She always loved spending time at the lake. She never wanted to leave!”

During another session, a deceased husband told me that he’d struggled crossing over into the light. His soul didn’t want to leave his physical world, because of his concern for his wife’s well being. Eventually, he did transition, as he showed me that he ascended a long flight of stairs. Once there, he was surrounded with the souls of dogs.

The widow validated what I’d shared. “You’re right, he kept hanging on, almost like he was afraid to let go.” She then smiled, “And, I’m glad you mentioned animals. He rescued many abandoned dogs while he was living.”

Personally, I asked a close friend who’d passed away late last year, “What’s it like on the other side?” After a few moments of meditation, I was shown the final scene from Thelma and Louise, where the two characters brazenly drive a convertible off a cliff instead of bowing to societal restrictions. But, my gal pal showed me a different ending. She didn’t go down with the car, instead, she transitioned into a bird and flew high into the sky. She was free.

Based on her spunky personality while living, the movie reference was spot on! I understood that she’d left her cancerous past behind and was now embracing her role as a loving spirit.

I offer these stories to illustrate that all souls are different and that their descriptions of heaven or the other side are not duplications.

Love and light,


Spirits have different ways of describing, "What's it like on the other side?"

Spirits have different ways of describing, “What’s it like on the other side?”




10 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. Carolyn Young

    Interesting, Thelma and Louise has always been one of my favorite movie. Loved those two brave spunky girls.
    The other side will be whatever we desire while in this life.
    Blue is the color for today in my mind.

    1. Tony Post author

      Sanford, by which many of us all knew and loved him, has come to me before – a few times. It was always with a personal joke reference, which would be so his style. I suggest you ask for a “Sandy” moment from him and his spirit will deliver a special gift from above. Lord knows, of all the folks he loved, he’d be wanting to connect with you! xoxo

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