A Few More Predictions

Besides the personal psychic medium consultations I conduct for clients, I also receive spiritual insights and visions regarding issues that have an impact on the greater population. Here are a few of the most recent ones.

Egypt – I predicted back in May 2013 that Egypt would be in turmoil. We’ve seen the disruption continue to escalate. What I’ve been shown now is that a person in high leadership and authority will be ousted. Violence will calm down and a formal pact or agreement will be drawn up.

Ebola – Earlier this year, I’d mentally seen a concern about cells under a microscope, but was unaware of its meaning. That was, until news of Ebola surfaced in the United States, where a handful of cases have been diagnosed. In addition to efforts of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), non-profits and large municipalities will (or perhaps, already have done so) create task forces to develop precautionary action plans. Furthermore, I do see progress being made in addressing the disease, whose origin began in Guinea in 2013. Researchers and scientists will eventually discover how to stop the activity of the Ebola cells – or, erase them completely.

World Peace – Despite unsettling news in pockets of the globe that might persuade one to think otherwise, a stronger sense of world peace is coming. We’ll experience this directional shift beginning late next year, and, it will continue to build in 2016. By 2017, world leaders will be in more harmony with a universal call for peace. I say this now, because at this moment, each of us can commit to do our part. Acknowledge our differences – maybe, even learn from them – while, at the same time, honor that we’re all connected through God, a force far more dynamic than any one person, group or nation.

And, don’t forget to love.

Love and light,



8 thoughts on “A Few More Predictions

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks, John. Thanks so much for reading. While I’ve always been fascinated by the pyramids, I’ve never been to Egypt. Don’t think it’d be an ideal place to visit right now, either.

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