Last night,  I had my latest out of body experience (OBE). And, this one was different from the other times my mind and soul left my physical body to explore other spiritual dimensions.

The recent activity made me recall my very first OBE that happened six years ago. While peacefully awake in my Louisville (where I lived at the time) bed, I felt a sudden tingle coat my body. With my eyes closed, my mind began traveling through what looked like a constellation mine field (think Star Trek’s warp speed). As the momentum continued, my mind burst through one dimension to the next until it reached a white, textured light. Then, it happened! I felt my soul lift out of my physical body and float to the ceiling. Aware of what was happening, I remained calm, even mentally telling myself that I had nothing to fear. Above my physical body still content underneath the sheets, my soul moved to the closed bedroom window. Seconds later, my soul went through the glass panes, as if it was riding a magic carpet. Now outdoors, my soul flew up and down my charming street lamp-lit street. Possibly, because I was concerned as to where I might venture, I snapped out of the OBE and back into my physical body. Safe. Secure. Yet, blown away!

There’ve been other OBEs over the past few years. Most ended up the same: During the course of the OBE, something triggered a return to my awakened physical body. In a couple of instances, I’ve even entered into an OBE from dream state. While the feelings are similar, there is a difference, as I felt my soul step out of my dream and into another dimension.

The OBE last evening marked new territory. As I rested awake atop my Palm Springs mattress, I felt the familiar energy tingle sensation, followed by the rapid mind movement through multiple dimensions. By now, I knew the drill. Mentally, I told my soul that I was ready for the OBE: “Bring it on!” The bright, textured light appeared and my soul sprung out of my physical body. Soaring beyond the roof, my soul was transported to, of all places, my hometown’s Main Street. Gliding freely, my soul was filled with elation as it surveyed the sights of the place where I grew up. There was strong feeling of love, the love that often resides at home. Perhaps, because of that spiritual high, this time my OBE segued into a deep sleep, rich in slumber. I awoke this morning feeling more refreshed than ever before.

And, who says you can never go home again?!

Love and light,




9 thoughts on “OBE; OMG!

  1. chris

    Awesome!!!! I’m going to call you the Midnight Traveler from now on :))

    Hey Tony! I moved again this time down to Tallahassee FL. Love it! I’m selling cars at Napleton Infiniti. The infinite vehicle!!! Hahaha

    1. Tony Post author

      Midnight Traveler! I love it! Hey Chris…your’e not far from my hometown (mentioned in the blog post) of Enterprise, AL. Enjoy the Florida panhandle (Infinitis are great cars!).

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Beth – Didn’t see the Boll Weevil this time around – I was simply flying in and out of the many renovated stores in downtown. Pretty cool 🙂 xoxo

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