Move It, Buster!

Having a root canal or moving possibly tops the roster of Things One Would Rather Not Be Doing!

While my teeth are in good shape, my recent living situation in downtown Santa Barbara was due for an update. I sensed this months ago when I was intuitively shown in my third eye that I’d relocate further up the mountain. The greater Santa Barbara area is cradled between the Pacific Ocean and California mountain ranges, an ideal setting. Furthermore, early last month, my psychic radar revealed that my new place would be behind a gate. I was intrigued, because I was hoping (and visualizing) to nest in the guest house of a country estate.

Yet, before I could settle into my forthcoming new digs, the moving game would be a prerequisite. I had to make a choice, either approach the situation with a positive mindset or succumb to torture. Not the type of person to chain myself to negative energy, I opted to go forth optimistically engaged. Despite that commitment to myself, there were still moments of stress. When the S-bomb attempted to explode, I caught myself and said, “Tony, stop this; millions of people pack and move any given day. You are not the only person to experience the twists and turns of finding a new residence. You can handle this.”

Once I came to terms with my mandate, an inner calm prevailed, allowing me to focus clearly on the task. Often, my psychic consultation clients are moving through challenging ordeals, circumstances that often propel them to better destinations.

What was the outcome of my move? Through a warren of connections and experiences (and a few sore muscles), I – along with a surplus of boxes – relocated this weekend to exactly what I’d envisioned: a detached home adjacent to a beautiful hillside villa. Believing in possibilities, the new address will lead to greater discoveries. This wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t tapped into my true desires and ambition.

Just remember, when it comes to moving, don’t box yourself in!

Love and light,


Moving often leads to new discoveries, experiences and a few sore muscles!

20 thoughts on “Move It, Buster!

  1. Joe

    Since I met you at the Atlanta Civic Center at intermission of one of countless mediocre summer productions, you have now lived in 11 places (that I know of) ands spent nights in who knows how many other residences. What’s my point? After all this, in 34 years, moving should now be almost second nature to you. I would like to know what you have kept,

    1. Tony Post author

      Ha Ha! I do move around a lot! It’s not so much what I’ve kept, but the things that I’m ok with letting go of! Even with this last move!

  2. Kenn

    Tony, you and I run such parallel lives. With your encouragement, I gained what I needed to get myself up and into a better place. It’s amazing how quickly my life has changed for the better!

  3. Travis

    Congrats on the move. I’ll be in the middle of a move myself in about a month so I’m taking the same mindset you did. I’m looking forward to the adventure!!

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