Love Machine

Cupid’s aiming his arrows as we fly into Valentine’s season, that time of year when See’s Candies and the FTD man experience sales spikes. In my psychic medium practice, February tends to attract more clients who have love, romance and relationships on their minds. The spiritual insights I receive during these sessions usually fall into three buckets:

1) Those who are open to/seeking new relationships – The key word here is open, as a closed heart will deter attracting desired interests. But, open carries even more clout. One must be open to new approaches to romance versus it’s got to happen a certain way. Just last month, a woman complained to me over the phone that she wants a relationship with this guy she just met, but isn’t keen on (or open to) his industrious work travels. When I told her that I intuitively saw her accompanying him on upcoming business trips to sunny destinations, her tune mellowed. “Well, that would be fun,” she mused.

2) Those who are wanting to resolve/dissolve tired relationships – Perhaps, Valentine’s Day also stirs up thoughts of how to mend or end a match that’s lost its flame. Either way, choices and actions must be determined so lives can advance. If the pairing still has some life that craves to be revitalized, then commit to doing so and enjoy the process. However, people hang on to exhausted relationships for various reasons. Recently, I counseled a man who wanted to shutter an eroding partnership, but, I told him, “You’re worried about finances.” He acknowledged that was correct. “Despite attempts to improve this relationship, you are now at a crossroads,” I continued. “It’s up to you.”

While a shared apartment rent and expenses may be a cheaper route, he decided to initiate a savings plan, so he’d have the money to eventually invest in, as he called it, “my future happiness.”

3) Those who have difficulty being alone – Being single comes with considerable freedom. However, for some, being single is about coping with no one else around. A client actually told me last week that he felt like a loser, because he wasn’t dating someone. I shot back, “Get that thought out of your head, because you’re the one who has placed it there. No one else.” He looked at me a little puzzled, but I continued (once the spiritual portal is ajar, the insights keep-a-comin’), “You have a choice; you can fret about being alone or you can use this gift of time to work on your identified insecurities. Focus on what you want to do that will make you an even better, loving person.” Right away, he mentioned several activities, including yoga, he’d been wanting to pursue for his personal growth.

I bet his warrior pose will strike any thoughts of his being a loser. Namaste.

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