Let’s Talk Some Trash

Litter is my top pet peeve; a decade ago, instead of complaining about it, I began my own civic project. Twice a month, I patrolled the streets of my neighborhood in Louisville (where I lived at the time) and gathered rubbish that’d been tossed roadside (I still conduct that practice today in Santa Barbara).

Furthermore, I’m no fan of “trash,” clutter and debris that has a negative vibe, in my personal existence, as well. Again, I stopped whining and took action. For example, if certain foods that I’d been eating were causing an ill-effect, I replaced them with more nutritious options. Ditto for falling into a trap of enduring people who had a tendency to drain my energy. No more: I’ve since executed a polite and firm exit strategy when I sense that type of scenario developing.

During some of my psychic consultation sessions, I’ve picked up insights of “trash” (fractured friendships, stubborn habits, etc.) in a client’s surroundings. Once acknowledged, together, along with spirit, we explore solutions that can lead to a healthier, happier and more progressive life. Not to be confused with running away from a situation, this approach is the exact opposite; you’re taking charge.

Think of it as putting trash in its place!

Love and light,


Disposing of your life's trash properly will lead to a greater good.

Disposing of your life’s trash properly will lead to a greater good.



8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Some Trash

  1. Linda Carlson

    Great topic and applying to life. In my MARY Kay business it was said to surround yourself with people that make you happy or smile. You tend to fall into a trap when in the doom and gloom of those you socialize with. You become the same personality when with those people you are with. Surround yourself with good, happy, and successful people.

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